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Monday, October 31, 2005

Morning Folks 10 31 05

Happy Halloween-I thought I would share some of the Halloween pictures from our family album. These pictures are of my boys, Doug and Bill, now 28 and 29, and their cousins Angie, Cindy's daughter and Jessie and Lizzie, Chucks girls. They are all in their early to mid twenties now.

I think this one was from about 1982. Doug would have been 6, Bill 5 and Angie 3. Cindy always did such a great job with costumes. Doug won a dracula prize that year at the Sudbury Pines Nursing Home Halloween Party. He had Vaseline in his hair that night and school pictures the next day. Needless to say, we never got it all out and he was pretty slick that day at school


And one morning, I don't remember which year, they all woke up the next morning and they were the Farkles. Angie Farkle, Bill Farkle and Doug Farkle. We don't really know what happened. They just woke up that way. It was very scary. Fortunately, they outgrew it.


This next group of pictures are from 1984. Angie was Strawberry Shortcake. Doug and Bill were pirates-I actually sewed those costumes. I still have them!

Home with the loot! Jessie looked so cute as Miss Piggy.
After the Trick or Treating, it's time for a taste.

Then the after-party begins!

And they danced the night away...

until 9:00. School the next day.


In 1985,(I think), we had some very colorful participants!

Lizzie A little Hobo

Jessie, a little Clown.

I dont know What Doug was, but he was very scary and quite formal.

Aand Bill was Blackbeard the Pirate.

A much scarier pirate this year.

Angie was a pretty little witch.

Here is the whole crew!


In 1986 we had a ghoulish theme going on with Bill and Angie. Doug was walking wounded.

Oooooooooh. Angie was very weird looking. .

Bill has last year's beard on his head.

Poor Doug. He looks like he is in a lot of pain, and bleeding and everything!


We had some great Halloweens. These kids are all grown now, but I remember it like it was yesterday. So, enjoy them while they're young, if you still have little ones at home to enjoy! If not, I think the Farkles have some extras!

Happy Halloween everyone! Trick or Treat!


PS Dont forget RAbbit Rabbit Rabbit on Tuesday!

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