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Monday, October 03, 2005

Morning Folks 10 03 05

"We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a
thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom
generates action."

-- Frank Tibolt, author

Do you think this applies to writing a blog? If I start to write it, according to this statement, the inspiration will come. It reminds me of a poem written in autograph books way back when we had autograph books as preteens. The poem went like this:

Mind Blank, Brain numb
Inspiration Won't come.
No Ink, bum pen
Best wishes. Amen.

We all had autograph books back in Jr. High. We would get everyone we knew to sign these books. No celebrities, just friends family and teachers sometimes. And we had special ways of folding the pages in triangles once they were written on so you could easily identify available blank pages. And the triangulated pages looked neat, too.

I usually wrote that lack of inspiration one because it was funny. But there were lots of other little standards about marriage and children and boys and all of those roses are red ones that we can all recite or make up on the spot.

I have my autograph book somewhere. And I actually have my mother's autograph book, too. She must have gotten it from her uncle who lived in Puerto Rico in 1941.

It is full of classmates and teachers from 1942 in Waltham MA. It was probably the year she moved to Sudbury. I wonder if girls have autograph books these days? One particularly silly taken directly from my mother's book, signed by someone called Peggy Freeman in 1942 goes like this:

Mary had a little lamb
And fed it castor oil.
And every time it jumped the fence
It fertalized the soil.

Isn't that endearing? There are some real winners in this book, including some politically VERY incorrect ditties that one would never see today. In a lifetime a lot havs changed for the better I think.

So, I guess old Frank Tibolt, whoever he may be, is right. I began to write, even though my brain was numb this morning with no inspiration except a quote about not needing inspiration and BOOM
I found something to write about. Reminds me of Field of Dreams: "Build it and they will come"; "Sit down and write and it will come". How do you like that?

Hope you find, no, DO something to inspire you today.

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