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Saturday, November 01, 2008

Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit-I remembered. Did you?

Well it's almost over. Thank Heaven! The past two plus years of endless campaign speeches, sorting out truths from untruths, angry exchanges and passive aggressive smirks, scandals, haircuts, wardrobes, slanted newsmen and old Weathermen...AAAARGH! So, for a little relief from the political pundits who just can't seem to be objective no matter how hard they try, I thought it would be fun, here on the eve of election day, to look at some of the psychic predictions that have been made about the race.

Psychic Predictions for the election:

Elizabeth Joyce:

January 2008

"...The United States is ready to embrace an alternative, and a woman as Vice President will be their ticket in 2008.
For sure…my psychic sense sees that a woman will occupy the White House as vice president as a result of the 2008 election, but not president. It’s just not Hillary’s time yet, as I have psychic stated for the past three years.
The male presidential candidate who runs with a woman vice presidential candidate on the ticket will win the election by a landslide...Psychic predictions everywhere state that we are reaching a point where the public is intrigued with the idea of a female president, but as a country we tend to take cautious steps.

If Barack Obama wins the nomination, Hillary Clinton may consider his invitation as the vice president, but his life will automatically be in danger. This “back seat” will be very difficult for Hillary to accept. ..My psychic sense tells me that not only will a woman become the nation’s first Vice President at the 2008 election, but she will be sworn in as president when the male president is forced to step down due to serious health issues or worse. I have also psychically stated that we will have a one-term president in 2008." Hmmm?

The Psychic Detective:

The Obama / McCain presidential race will be a very close one similar to Gore / Bush. Obama will win the presidential election by a narrow margin.

Psychic Sylvia Browne believes it will be Obama.

Psychic Da Juana Byrd believes a democrat will win. She said it will be a, “strong race between Obama and Hillary–with him slightly the winner, but maybe not taking the election.”

Psychic Sidney Friedman guess is Obama. He also says, “a presidential candidate will narrowly escape death.”


Psychic Brando Cano says the election will be between McCain and Hillary Clinton. Hillary wins!
Psychic Micki Dahne picked Hillary.

Psychic Pernel Dove picked Hillary.

Psychic Elizabeth Joyce says, “I do see Hillary in the White House but she may be the first female Vice President. Or, she could be the Secretary of State.” She does feel a democrat will win.

Psychic Christopher Reburn picked Hillary. It should be noted Christopher later amended his prediction to basically say Hillary’s destiny is the white house.

Psychic Peter Serraino aka “The Street Psychic” picked Hillary.

Psychic Joseph Tittel aka “Spiritman” says a democrat will win. He also sees Hillary in the white house at some point.

Psychic “Twins” picked Hillary.

Psychic Michelle Whitedove picked Hillary. Note: Michelle is a winner of America’s Psychic Challenge. It should be noted in later posts by Whitedove - and though Obama is clearly being touted as the nominee - Whitedove has continued to sense Hillary as president.

So, According to the psychics, I guess the winner will be Hillary!
Maybe she had them under a spell of some sort. Well, Halloween's over. Let's see what happens on Tuesday.

Stay tuned...

Have a great day.

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