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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Morning Folks 12 31 06

This is my last blog of 2006. It has been an eventful year. I will try to recap for you all. (I have recently updated this blog format and you may have to register with Google in order to leave a comment. ) I know I can't fit everything that went on this year. Let's just say so many of you made it special for me and for Ed. We have made many changes and we have seen many things end. I have said goodbye to many of you but I am certain that I will see you all soon. Here is a few of the things that I think of when I look back over 2006. (remember to click on the pix to enlarge them. Then hit your back arrow on your browser to get back to the blog.)

January and February was sort of a blur as I was deeply entrenched in budget preparation for our 2007 fiscal year. It was non-stop to which my friend Andrea, the new Finance Director and Melinda her assistant, blog-readers both, will attest.

Sort of a blur, yes, although there was that squirrel affair in January. Look back in my blog to January 28, 2006 for a refresher.

February was a whirlwind of work-related things and wedding plans. Ed and I attended a 'weekend for engaged couples' at his church in Chattanooga and learned what to expect from married life.

In March I went to a special B-day party for my friend Elizabeth. We had a wonderful time that night.

The rest of the month I continued making plans for the May wedding and preparing for Town Meeting at work.

April was busy, too, as Town Meeting took up the first week or so. A trip to TN for final wedding prep and my first born turned 30! Wow.

And in May my baby turned 29. Wow, again!

May was a big one for other reason, too. A new husband, 2 new sons, a daughter-in-law, 3 grandchildren and various new in-laws all just for saying I do!

A honeymoon in Florida, courtesy of my friend Ruth, and a visit to Naples to see more of my wonderful family made it even more special.

June was the end of the fiscal year at work, a little down time for me as I spent some time in our trailer at the Cape.
The hydrangeas on the Cape in 2006 would serve as the inspiration for my flowers at our August wedding celebration.

July was beautiful with visits from Gabe and Maddie from Florida and the Tennessee crew.

And then came August! I retired from the town and had a wonderful party and evening with my coworkers. I wish I had photos to post. And then the wedding party! What a blast! The party we planned came off great and I was so happy to share it with my family and friends. How lucky are we!

My brother Chuck and his grandson Sky, and Sky's dad Eric seated behind.

The happiest of couples!

Sky and Zeppelin have a moment.
One of my dearest friends, Melonhead. I wish I had room for all of my friends' pix!

Enjoying the music.

Lou, our florist and friend did an absolutely gorgeous job with the flowers. I was overwhelmed with how beautiful everything looked.

The North South Skit was a hit, thanks Steve, John, and Peaches!

After the party we put Vinal Street on the market and worked on selling it and moving south.
It was a battle, but we finally closed the deal.

We loaded everything in and sent it off to storage in October.

As soon as I arrived in Chattanooga, we took off for Baltimore while Ed took classes for 3 weeks. We visited Gettysburg, DC, Baltimore and Annapolis. When I get the pix off the laptop I will post those. It was a great trip and we saw lots of sights.
Ed and I with Abe and another tourist in the square in Gettysburg.

The Mall.

Then early in December as we were celebrating the move to our new home, John and his family lost theirs.

It was a devastating thing to witness and to go through, but the generosity of so many has helped them through the worst of it and every day they are getting closer to having a home of their own once again. Zeppelin and Arabella both said it was their best Christmas ever, and that's just what we wanted to hear!

Indigo had a wonderful Christmas but she only kept this headband on for a moment. We did get it on film!

Zeppelin is rebuilding his Patriots collection, as is his father, one piece of memorabilia at a time.

Matching Dora the Explorer dresses for Arabella and Indigo was the fashion statement for the day.

Gifts and cards from family and friends from back home were so much fun to receive and helped me through the teary bits of the day when I missed them all so much. Hugs from my new family helped lots, too!
Chuck and Monica sent a basket of goodies. Mostly chocolate!

Visits from family from NC and KY.
The Eaton men descend upon Bucksland

I hope you all come visit us soon!

Have a Happy New Year! May 2007 be wonderful for us all.And what's that I hear?
Did you say Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit? If you said Happy New Year before you said Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit, better turn around 3 times and walk backwards 3 steps, say tibbar, tibbar, tibbar and I think you will be alright!

Love you all.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Morning Folks 12 24 06

Morning Folks!

First, I wanted to update you all on the progress John and Robin are making with their recovery after the fire. They are amazing at what they have been able to accomplish. They have moved into a small rental home while waiting for a permanent place. This will provide a place much more cozy than the hotel room in which the 5 of them had been staying. Santa will definitely find his way there.

John and Robin would be the first to tell you that the generosity of friends and strangers has been overwhelming for them. Once they found a house to rent, people began pulling up to the house with items like a washer and dryer, furniture for the kids' bedrooms, 2 couches and a Christmas tree all lit up and ready to decorate. They have received clothing and gifts that Santas have left wrapped and ready to go and lots of encouragement and support. They are truly grateful for everything, including the prayers and kindnesses from many of you.

It's almost Christmas and we are gearing up! We did manage to decorate the house and set the unpacking aside for the weekend.

We have a Santa theme this year. Mostly because all we unpacked of the Christmas decorations was my Santa collection, mostly gifts from Cindy and Steve over the years. Ed had a few of his own to add. The kids counted 28 of them. There are some in every room of the house, even the bathrooms!

In the kitchen.

A blue one on my dresser.
A little one next to Ed's side of the bed.

A white Feathery Santa in the blue room. (Those curtains aren't staying.)

Several on the mantle.

(Not shown: Cowboy Santa with hip wiggling motion to Holly Jolly Christmas.)

Friday night Ed's son Joe arrived from Wilmington, NC as did Ed's brother Bob and sister-in-law Susan from Louisville on their way to Florida. The next morning John brought the kids for breakfast and we had a great time. Grampa cooked and we all had a wonderful morning.

John and the kids came to join us for breakfast Saturday morning. I don't know where he finds the energy.

Zeppelin is HUNGRY! (Just a little out of focus. I think I was dancing to Have a Holly Jolly Christmas. One shouldn't dance while taking a picture. ) Mmmmm! Pancakes and maple syrup! Arabella loves syrup.

Grampa cooked AND served. He's multi talented!

Then he entertained us with his wit!

This was just a warm-up for the big day for Indigo. Thanks Uncle Bob and Aunt Susan. I love my new Pooh bear!

Bob and Susan left Saturday morning to spend Christmas with Mickey Mouse. Joe's staying through Christmas. We will be having Christmas dinner at Grandma's and Grampa's with the kids in the afternoon. I will miss my family this year. But I know we will be together again soon. I will be thinking of each and every one of you throughout the day tomorrow. Have a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years!

My Star!

Have yourselves a Merry Little Christmas!


Friday, December 15, 2006

Morning Folks Dec 15

Morning Folks. I am back on-line and in our new home. We are still unpacking Ed's things and my movers arrive on Monday. We love our new home but are finding it difficult to celebrate it in the midst of the news that Ed's son John lost his home to a fast moving fire on the day he was helping us move.

He and his wife Robin, their 3 children (Zeppelin 7, Arabella 5 and Indigo 17 months)were not home at the time and they are safe and sound. But they lost everything. Here are some pictures of their home the day after the blaze.

John and Robin are hanging on and trying to stay strong for the kids' sakes. But it is very emotional for them, as one can imagine. Insurance is covering their loss financially, thank goodness, and they are staying in a hotel suite where Santa will be able to find them on Christmas Eve.

The kids have their moments and will from time to time be talking about something they have and realize anew that they no longer have that toy or favorite book. The fact that their Christmas tree and decorations were already up is something 7 year old Zeppelin keeps mentioning to me. Their church has been a big help to them and they are overwhelmed by the generosity of strangers and friends. It means so much to them when they hear a kind word from people they know. If any of you would like to send a card or a note of support to them, you can send it C/O Ed Eaton 6827 Bucksland Dr., Ooltewah, TN 37363. This is our new address. Please keep them in your prayers over the holidays. I know it will help.

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