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Monday, October 10, 2005

Morning Folks 10 10 05

"What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us. What we
have done for others and the world remains and is immortal."

-- Albert Pine

I liked this quote about doing for others. It really is just another take on the golden rule; another reason to follow it.

In the old days those that we helped would have been our neighbors and that spirit of helping one another was up close and personal, like in an old fashioned barn raising. Plus, you knew that with that kind of giving, there was always a return because one day, you'd need to raise a barn or bring in the harvest, too.

But today, the folks who need help aren't from our neighborhoods. They aren't people who would ever be in a position to help us, either. They are people whose lives would be changed, however, if somehow we could do something for them.

I think if I ever have the chance I would like to get involved with a Habitat for Humanity project. I can't hammer a nail straight or paint a straight line, but I would like to think in the company of others, I would have something to contribute. And when the project is finished, it would be something to be proud of; something to see and to touch and to use. And maybe, we can meet the recipient and know that from that day forward, what we did for that family will be remembered through their children and generations to follow. And even if they never know my name, I like that idea.

So, today my blog is really an advertisement for Habitat for Humanity. It is on my list of things to do someday when I have the chance. Here's their link:

Meanwhile, I can probably come up with a couple of ideas of how to do something for someone besides myself today. I think that is a good goal for a Monday. Don't you?

Have a great day, everyone.



  1. Hey Suzie Q,
    Count me in on the Habitat project, some day when our lives are not so complicated. I have a friend who just retired from Houghton and went to N'Orleans to help out there and she sent us an email. Here are her exact words: "Never have I been involved in something so physically challenging (I actually climbed a ladder, y'all!), so exhausting, (too tired to have two glasses of wine at the end of the day -- that's a record!), so painful (how many times can you snag yourself on nails and rough wood?) or so meaningful...the family who will live in this house are poor, determined, faith-filled, and strong people who are undaunted by having to start over again at 52 and 55 (with three kids to boot!), and having lost it all! I have so far to go in my personal journey, and I feel that this is half the way! If only I had that faith, and that strength..."
    Anyhow, subito, count me in when you retire and I retire and let's not wait til we can hammer a nail straight.

  2. Remember tales of the 'Dance for Suzanne'? How could you feel otherwise?

    When the Gov first spoke of putting up several thousand refugees at Otis, I had a similar gut reaction, figuring if they needed a week, I could stay on the Cape and hand out toilet kits or whatever. We made our donation. I can't feature banging nails these days, but I understand your feeling.


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