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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Morning Folks 10 19 05 The Answers from Yesterday

Go ahead and click on the originals for a larger view.

Ed - Isnt he handsome? He really is, you know. Goofy, but irresistable!Dad wanted me to re-run yesterday's blog with labels next to each picture. But Ed thought it would be more fun to re-run it with the actual pictures. I didn't think I could get it to work, but he always encourages me...or challenges do what I don't think I can. So, I have to give him the credit for today's blog. Thanks, Sweetiepie.

Doug's Eyes Mesmerize. Why did he have to make this face? I bet he never thought it would be on the Internet. Be careful when I take your picture next time.

Indigo - No bigger than a minute and with Mom. I think I will finally get to meet her next month. She's probably dating by now.

Cindy - in Harvest Orange- Pretty as a Picture. You can't see her eyes that well in the close-up, but we all know how pretty they really are.

Becky's 'Eyes' Picture didn't come from this one, exactly. I am sort of cheating. I goofed and deleted the original. It isn't very flattering, but the jammies are cute!

Chuck with Spectacles - Doesn't he look distinguished? I blocked out the close-up of the cheese puff going into his mouth.

Bill's eyes are really much prettier than this, but I liked the face he was making. On the other hand, why couldn't he have just smiled and looked normal? He's such a ham.

Zeppelin took this photo of himself with my cellphone. Isn't it great? A perfect Jack-o-lantern smile just in time for Halloween!

This is my FAVORITE picture of Arabella. She took it herself and I just love it. Just like I just love her!

I tried so hard to find a picture that showed everyone how pretty my Angie is. But I could only find a profile of her face and I don't think anyone could tell from the closeup of her what her pretty eyes look like. We'll have to get a better one for my collection

This close-up of Dad made him appear so pensive, wise and all-knowing and kind of looks like a close up of a picture painted long ago by DaVinci...when really, he was just concentrating on cutting his steak!

I used this photo to get Steve and Steffie's closeups. I couldn't have used this one for Cindy, although it is much clearer than the one I used, because she has sunglasses on. These three Musketeers were outside the hotel the morning before we went to surprise Chuck for his 50th. That was 5 years ago. Wow, how time flies.
Steve and Cindy still look exactly the same. Steffie has changed, but she is still my little Steffala and will always be.

And I suppose I should explain this one. I bought this hat as a joke. Believe me, I know nothing about Condi, only who she is. I have no idea what she is running for or when. But I saw this hat in Nashville at a Republican Woman's convention in the same hotel I was staying at. Ed didn't think it was very funny, though. Those Democrats have absolutely no sense of humor. He says the same thing about Republicans. Anyway, I hadn't intended to share this shot with anyone but Kitty, who I know got a kick out of it, diehard Dem that she is, but, what the heck.

Eye certainly hope you all had fun trying to EYE-Dentify (thanks for that pun, Melinda) this gang. I just spent about 2 hours doing this, so, Ed, thanks again for the idea! Stay tuned, though. Who knows, maybe tomorrow...mouths!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Love, Suz


  1. Glad you didn't do my eyes!! kaw

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