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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Morning Folks 10 30 05

We fall back an hour as we change from daylight to standard time 2 a.m. Sunday for most of the country. Most folks will set their clocks back before going to bed on Saturday night, giving themselves an extra hour of sleep. Daylight-saving time returns April 2. Congress has voted to change the dates for daylight-saving time by 3 weeks, but that doesn't take effect until 2007. We will switch back to standard time, falling back an hour on the first Sunday in November.

Even though Congress decrees the existence of Daylight Saving Time, states are free to ignore it if they so choose.

There are three states where this is the case:

Arizona: The Navajo reservation observes DST, but the remainder of the state stays on standard time. The Navajo reservation has the Hopi reservation in the middle, so there's a bit of a mixture of the two time zones in the north-east of the state.

Hawaii: does not observe DST at all

Indiana: The south-western tip of the state is in the Central time zone, and this part of the state does not observe DST. Therefore, while the rest of the state goes to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)-4hr, this tiny area remains on GMT-6hr. The result is that driving along I-64 from Louisville, Kentucky to St Louis, Missouri, you will start at GMT-4hr, then have to put your clocks back 2 hours after only 70 miles. After a further 70 miles, you'll have to put them forward 1 hour.

When daylight-saving time starts 3 weeks earlier than usual in the United States come 2007, your VCR or DVD recorder could start recording shows an hour late.
Cell phone companies could give you an extra hour of free weekend calls, and people who depend on online calendars may find themselves late for appointments.


So I hope you enjoyed your extra hour. I am up at 4AM writing this. I think this might be my extra hour, but it might have been an hour ago. I am not sure.

By the way, did you ever wonder...(This is kind of gross) but when we wake up, why do we have crust in our eyes? -

“Eye crusts” (yuck) or "Sleepy Seeds" or "Sandman Sand" are the leftover protein and fat from tears that have dried up. Tears are made up of three things:
Salty water, Protein, and fat.
'Tears do lots of jobs. They clean the eye. They fill in tiny imperfections in the surface of the cornea, which needs to be perfectly smooth for maximal vision. They also deliver nutrients to the cornea, which has to be clear to let light through to the iris, and therefore has no blood vessels to deliver a “food supply.” And of course tears flow at times of emotion, when the tear glands power up and produce more salt water. '

So, as Jerry and the Pacemakers once said "crying's not a ba-a-ad thing. Just stop your crying when the birds sing. Oh Oh Oh... Don't let the sun catch you crying. The night's the time for all your tee-ee-ee-ee-ears." Are you humming it? If you are more than 40, I bet you are!

Have a great day and enjoy your hour.


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