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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Some Added Links for the Women Folk - Added Post 10/09/05

This is addressed to the women in the group: I have added a couple of links to my blog for us women.

One is a meditation site(That's meditation, not medication)for women that offers some inspirational articles and a daily meditation that you can have e-mailed to you each morning. I subscribed to that one recently.

The other is one called Power-Surge which is a "Warm and Caring Community for Women in Menopause". There is so much information on this site about the different aspects of our lives at this "age". Lots of info about health and diet and exercise and helpful links about all kinds of things. I think you will really like it

There is another site that I get a real kick out of for lots of cute cartoons. There is even a link there for men just to let them know that we know it isn't easy for them, either. (right)

So there you go-a little special treatment for us "ladies". Well, some of you are ladies, some of us are just "Broads" and as long as we are the ones using that teminology, then it is just fine.


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