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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Morning Folks 11 08 05

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible."

-- Walt Disney

I just felt a little whimsical this morning and who better than Walt and Mickey to represent whimsy?

Ed arrived on Saturday morning and we had a nice lunch and visit with Bill and Kim. I saw their apartment for the first time. It is in Waltham on Marlboro Street. It is really nice and they are settled in comfortably. This is the first time I have been invited to one of Bill's apartments--mostly because he is finally lucky to have a roommate who is neat! Kim, on the other hand, isn't that lucky.

Then we went to see Doug's new place in West Newton on Waltham Street, just a few miles from Bill's place. Doug's place is very nice but has a set of winding stairs that stopped his box spring and couch short before the first turn. So, he is waiting delivery of a new sectional and will switch box springs with Bill, who has a split one that he doesn't need. It is nice to have relatives!

Sunday, Ed and I went to the Cape to see Kathy and George. We also had a nice visit with Linda and Frank, friends from Sudbury who have a very nice home in Dennis. Frank served a lovely Pinot Grigio from South Africa. A little oaky, but all in all quite nice. We also visited with Ed's foster mother, Mary, whom I love. Kathy posted a picture of the 3 of us on her blog yesterday. To see it go to

Yesterday I had to work so Ed went back to the Cape to do some Christmas shopping with Kathy before heading to Foxboro with Steve for the Pats and Colts game. So right now he is sound asleep having returned home about 2:30AM. I am trying to get into my files at work via WiFi and not having much luck. Hence, the blog!

Today, Ed and I are having one day to ourselves before he goes back to Chattanooga early tomorrow morning. So, for today, the impossible will be to FORGET my job, concentrate on Ed and have fun. Not too easy with budget hearings looming tomorrow and me unable to get into the files I need. But, I am determined to do the impossible and have fun in spite of that.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and do something impossible. Walt says it's fun! I think I will try it!


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