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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

11 09 05 Morning Folks

Wishing Kim a Speedy Recovery

Today's Blog is dedicated to Kim, Bill's girlfriend. On Sunday, playing in her league basketball game, she broke her ankle AND her wrist. She is a second grade teacher and unable to go to work. Bill has been typing her lesson plans and e-mailing them to her substitute. She can't use crutches and is basically housebound and I bet in a lot of pain. I wanted to send her this virtual bouquet for a couple of reasons. First, because she is hurting and I want her to feel better. But second because she is now dependent on Bill to fix her meals and take care of her. It wouldn't be such a bad thing, but I think the only thing he cooks is Chili!

If anyone wants to send her a card, her address is Kim Sylva, 23 Marlboro Street, Waltham, MA 02452. I don't have her e-mail address, but you can get a message to her by adding a comment here or "reply all" to my blog e-mail or by writing to her through Bill at

So, my good thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery go out to Kim this morning and every morning until she is back on her feet and preparing her own meals!


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  1. I broke my ankle and had it operated on, so I know there is a lot of pain and when you can't go out much, you feel like a prisoner. So I can empathize!! Just do everything the doctor tells you. It does help


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