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Saturday, July 23, 2005

BONUS BLOG 07 23 05

Thought you'd like a little laugh this morning as a bonus. Andrea, friend and co-worker, sent this to me. We are going to see March of the Penguins today and she has as twisted a sense of humor as I have. We'll let you know how the movie was!


  1. "Twisted", you say?! Why I resemble that remark :) What an interesting documentary...although, I'm sure glad I'm not a penguin! What a harrowing journey. The Beatles sang, "all you need is love". Well, in the land of the Emperor Penguin, you need a parka, good arches and amazing patience. As I sat watching thousands of penguins huddled in the frigid, constant night of winter I was struck by two profound thoughts 1) What an amazing force of will & community. 2) Penguins are excellent joke tellers....they'd have to be to sit huddled for months with no food & juggling an eggs under their bellies! "what's black & white, black & white, black & white? A penguin rolling down hill" :)

  2. Panda is right, it is an interesting Documentary. The March of the Penguins is when all is said and done, kind of depressing, I think. What a life. And we thought ours was tough. Man! There were a lot of parallels one could draw between humans and penguins, some rather humorous. Poor Andrea had to listen to mine throughout the movie, but hey. It needed a little comic relief now and then. Seriously, it is worth seeing. But, I think the critics that are so astounded by it may never have tuned into the NAtional Geographic channel. It was really good, but I have seen just as good on Cable. But we did have fun! And they are cute.


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