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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Trivia Tuesday?

I like trivia. I used to like to play Trivial Pursuit, but that game is pretty outdated now. And the updated versions have questions that are pretty foreign to me. But I do like playing trivia when we go to sports bars and the like with our pals in FL.

Here's a little trivia about our playing trivia with my buds. There's one place we like called Stevie Tomato's. It's a good place for a burger or wings and cheap drinks at Happy Hour. When you get the handheld trivia device to play the game, you are supposed to put in your team name. The name of our street is Smokehouse and so we decided we were going to be "Smokin'", because we are "smokin' hot chicks'.

We do pretty good with the trivia games, as long as we don't shout out the answers too loudly and give them away to other tables. But the second time we played, the device wouldn't accept our password and the only way we could play was to create a new name and password. So,  decided we'd rename ourselves "Smokin' 2". But something happened and it went into the computer as "mokin' 2". So we are forever called "mokin' 2".  This game is played against others in bars all over the US, from what I understand. So, if you ever see a team called "mokin' 2", that's us. Another little bit of trivia about that, you might like to know, is that Mokin is both a village in Burma and urban slang for smoking weed. Oh dear.

I like watching some of the trivia games on TV like Cash Cab and of course Jeopardy. I don't like watching the teen tournaments because that's usually about things I never knew or I have long forgotten. But most of the time I enjoy it. Some days I can do pretty well, others not so much. When you try to play along and you blurt out the wrong answer, even when there's nobody else in the room, do you say "oops" or "oh, sorry" and feel like an idiot? I do. And I have certainly come up with some stupid and/or funny answers. But here are a few from the game show that are really funny.

The Answer is:
On Dec 4, 1783 George Washington bade his officers farewell at this New York City Tavern.
The contestant's answer was: What is Whiskey-a-Go-Go.
Now that was dumb! Everyone knows it was the Hard Rock Cafe!

The Answer is:
By the 4th century AD, Rome had 28 public ones stacked with rolls of papyrus.
The contestant's answer was: What are public toilets?
Actually the answer was "What are libraries?" LOL

The Answer is:
This term for a long handled gardening tool can also mean an immoral pleasure seeker.
The contestant, Ken Jennings, the winningest guy on Jeopardy, answered "What is a hoe?"
The real answer was "What is a rake? " but Alex thought Ken's was better and so do I! 

Here are a few trivia questions for you to try out for yourselves. I put the answers way down at the bottom. No peeking!

1. Can you name two US states whose names contain the complete names of other states?

2. What is Barbie's full name? 
3. What is an orphan cow called by cowboys? 

4. There are 4 six letter words that can be formed by the following letters. What are they?

5. Each of these 4 letter words begins with the same letter.
Famous Film Dog
Former Communist Leader
Bean Curd

6. Venetian blinds were invented in which country?

7. Name the four US capitals named after US presidents.

8. Who was Charlie Chaplin's father-in-law?

9. What was the first TV show to show a toilet?

10. When typing the word stewardesses on a regular keyboard, something unusual occurs. What is it?

11. What is unusual when you type the word typewriter on a regular keyboard?

12. What is the only word in the English language that has two completely different meanings by just capitalizing the first letter?

Have a great day!


1. Arkansas and West Virginia
2. Barbara Milicent Roberts
3. Dogie
4. Stream, Tamers, Master, Maters
5. Toto, Tito, Tofu
6. Japan
7. Lincoln, Nebraska; Madison, Wisconsin; Jefferson City, Missouri;Jackson, Mississippi
8. Eugene O'Neill
9. Leave it to Beaver. Actually it only showed the tank, in which Wally and the Beav were  hiding a baby alligator named Captain Jack.
10. All letters are typed with the left  hand.
11. All letters are in the top row of keys.
12. Polish, polish

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  1. I like the teen tournaments best because it's the only time I can ever get a bunch of the answers correct!


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