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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

HALLIDAY! (or Babushkas and Mushrooms.)

The second annual Halliday was held over the weekend, taking me away from the blogging world and into the family reunion world. So today, I will combine both!

Here is last year's photo of Halliday 2012!

Halliday 2012

Halliday 2013

The Halliday was born out of the my youngest sister's birthday in 2010 where for the first time in a long time first cousins were reunited. Not only were first cousins reunited, but first cousins once removed were beginning to arrive on the scene.

I have a great idea! Let's have a family reunion some time.(Conversation held in 2010)
So, it was decided that they should have an event celebrating these generations. Put off by various weddings, births and other summer time commitments, it finally got off the ground last year and it was a blast. So, it was repeated this year, with an assumption that it is now going to happen each year. Thanks to Cindy and Steve for hosting the event both years.

Dad, AKA Grampy, started it all. Here in 2010 with Becky and Inez

Grampy Hall, our patriarch, hasn't attended because it is a long way to travel from Florida to Connecticut, where it has been held. But he calls while it is happening and he is passed around from ear to ear via telephone. I think there is only battery life enough for 2 generations to talk to him, but amidst the commotion of the ongoing party he gets the flavor of what's going on and we all feel like he is there with us.

Monica chats with Grampy and others wait their turn.

We certainly all feel we are there because of him!

There was a little preparation involved prior to the actual day. We wanted everyone to have something to take home with them. So this year I chose some lovely bandannas or babushkas. Pink, green or blue. 

Hung out to dry in the trailer.

I wrote on them in various areas the words "HALLIDAY 2013 in silver sparklie marker.

Jessie, Lizzie Bea and Monica demonstrate the flexibility of such stylish accessories.

Chuck with Red Solo cups (Red Solo Cup is the Halliday Theme Song)
2nd cousins and BFFs Lily and Natalie chose pink. And Natalie added a green wrist bandanna, showing her flair for funk.

Bea went for the Aunt Gemima/Rosie the Riveter look.

Becky went for a Boogie Woogie Bugle boy look to go with her sunglasses.
It sounds a little girlie, but even the macho men got into the spirit and everyone made their own fashion statements.
I think Ed needed a ten gallon hat to go with his.
Doug.Bill and Angie sporting bandannas in 1980s on night maneuvers on Chapin Beach
Angie 2013

Doug and Owen, bandanna boys

Bill and Kim showing off their bandannas.
Even Georgia got into the act.

In addition to bandannas or babushkas, we got "Fingerstaches" which don't show up as well in the photos but were very funny for the greatgrandchildren as well as some of us Grownups. They are tattoos of mustaches that go on your finger, obviously. But Lily calls mustaches mushrooms. So, we had to refer to them that way for much of the day. We were a little saddened when she started to call them mustaches. But, nothing lasts forever.

Bea shows off her Bandanna and her Mushroom
Fingersstaches were all the rage

So fetching.

Kim put Owen's Mushroom on the side of his hand because fingers are usually in mouths at his age.

Show us  your Mushrooms!

4 siblings on a cruise for Dad's 80th birthday 2007
The players in this production include the four of us Hall kids in birth order: Chuck, Me, Cindy and Becky. From these four we have added 3 spouses (and subtracted a few as well). However, there are now 3 spouses,who were all in attendance. We four children have 8 children and 4 stepchildren. Seven of the 8 were able to attend our Halliday 2013. Of these eight, six have significant others or spouses. And these 8 grandchildren have supplied Grampy with 10 great grandchildren, 7  of whom were in attendance. Grampy also has 5 step great grandchildren, and he's never even met them!

Here is a glimpse at the Halliday tree including grandsteps and great grandsteps. Grampy is the star at the top of the tree, of course.

1. Grampy
2. Chuck, Suzy, Cindy, Becky
3. Corinna, Gabe, Doug, Bill, Angie, Jessie, Lizzie, Steffie, John, Joey, Eric, Adam
4. Skyler, Will, Angelina, Gryffen, Michael, Natalie, Lily, Bea, Isabella, Owen, Zeppelin, Arabella, Indigo, Jonah, Phoenix

Steve was the Grampa Monster pushing Lily and Natalie on the swings and growling while they screamed bloody murder each time he pushed them. There is a video on Becky's facebook, but I guess because of privacy issues I can't seem to get it loaded here. It's very scary!

It might work. Give it a try!

It's a large group and growing and so much fun to be with. We especially missed Gabe, the eldest grandson and his wife Maddie and their 3 kids who live in FL. Maybe next year. And we missed others who couldn't make it this year, too, but were here last year. I am hopeful they'll see what they missed and forget about work or whatever kept them from us this year and come help us celebrate!
Monica, Doug, Bill and Jonah


Jonah chases a butterfly
Im not sure what Gryffin had in mind here, but Ed's got his eye on him! Argh!

Gryffin lost in the daylilies


The ages of all of us ranged from 1 to 63 and the relationships to each other goes as follows: (I think). The grandchildren are cousins to each other. Their children, the great grandchildren, are first cousins once removed to the grandchildren. The great grandchildren are also second cousins to each other, that is children of parents who are first cousins. When the great grandchildren have kids, and that won't be for a while, they will be third cousins to each other and 1st cousins twice removed to Grampy's grandchildren.

Kim, Corinna and Lizzie Feed Lily and Bea and Will and any other children who showed up at the table.

Try this Owen.

There was wonderful food, laughter, some music, though not enough. (More live music next year would be my request, Scott, Eric, Chuck, Becky...)

Jonah, Sky and Jessie
Close relationships from years past were remembered and cherished and celebrated. As were new relationships born. It's a great tradition. My wish is for many more Happy Hallidays in the future!
Doug, Steffala and Cindy. Wonder who's chair that is!
New BFFs Lily and Natalie were swingers all day long.

We all had a great time and it was fantastic to see everyone. Some of us partied pretty hard and when it was over and we all needed naps!

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  1. A nap in the bathroom!

    Glad to see everyone was game to wear your bandanas! I heard you already have a plan for next year!


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