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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ed In The Shed by Dr. Suz

With a nod to Dr Seuss, I offer you this little poem about Ed's activities at the Trailah Pahk this summer. 

He ran to Home Depot
and then fast as a fox
the determined old Ed
came back with a box.

A great  big brown box
it was shut with a hook.
'Now look at this trick,
said my Ed,
'Take a look!'

Then, he got up on top
with a tilt of his head.
'I call this game "fun in a box"'
said Big Ed.
'In this box are two things I will
show to you now.
You will like these two things'
Said Big Ed with a bow.

'I will pick up the hook
you will see something new. 
Two things and I call them
Shed One and Shed Two.'

'These sheds will be easy.
They're going to be fun.'
Then out of the box
came Shed Two and Shed One.

And Maggie and I
did not know what to do
while Ed worked his ass off on
Shed One and Shed Two.

Sweetly I said
'you might need an assist?'
For some curious reason
Ed just got pissed.

I offered again without being rude,
watching him closely
while he hammered and screwed.
'Maybe you'll need me
to hold the roof down?'.
Big Ed said, 'what I need
is for you to leave town.'
See ya!

And so I did vanish;
he was done the next day.
But Kathy got worried
and said 'they can't stay!' 
'you have too many!
oh no, sakes alive!
What will you do with
Sheds Three, Four and Five?'
Sheds Three and Four

Shed Five

'Have no fear, darling sister,'
said Big Ed while he sat.
'These Sheds are good Sheds'
and he gave them a pat.
'They are new, oh so new
and bigger, you'll see.
And we will dispose
of Sheds Four, Five and Three.'

With help from a neighbor,
a fellow named John,
The new sheds were finished
the old sheds were gone.

Shed One

And so ends the story
You know that it's true,
the story of Ed and
Shed One and Shed Two.

Shed Two

While he sits and admires
all that he's done,
He'll remember this always as
his summer of fun.

And Maggie and I are so proud of Ed now,
In spite of our thinking he didn't know how.
Why did we doubt him?
What was to fear?
Still, I can't help wond'ring
what's coming next year!

Have a great weekend!
Dr. Suz

PS If you leave comments, please try to rhyme. It can only add to the fun!


  1. My heart it did patter
    When my mom shared the matter,
    5 sheds in one spot?
    I surely think NOT!

    2 sheds in the end
    With more space than the 3,
    Maybe a man cave for Ed
    If he brings a tv?

  2. Bob Eaton Sr.8/10/13, 7:32 PM

    …and Ed said to us All
    Does this Blue Chair make me look Tall
    I just sat for a minute to rest my Behind
    Now that I’ve recovered another thought comes to Mind
    Next summer a Sailboat I see in my Grass
    It must’ve been a dream for even I know George would Kick my ASS!

  3. in case you don't see this on Facebook:
    Oh, Ed, I dread
    Not one more shed.
    Then it will be said,
    "Hey, your Bro
    Will have to go,
    if he gets one more shed!"
    So be it said,
    from your Sis,
    Make my life bliss,
    seal it with a kiss,
    not one more shed!

  4. My dad wrote:

    Dear Doctor Suz.

    Your poem was so funny,
    The best that I’ve read
    You brag ‘bout your Honey
    The builder named Ed.
    “It stands tall and strong”
    The handy man said,
    If you think it’s built wrong
    “ I’ll just paint it red.”

  5. My brother wrote:
    Well, I wasn't there with you
    But I fear you are wrong --
    You say Ed worked his ass off
    But he still has it on!

  6. From my friend Karen in Florida we got this one: As I sit here and ponder what happened up yonder We think that's it time to come bake to the links as you are missing the wonderful driveway drinks.


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