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Monday, August 12, 2013

A Weekend at Martha's

We had a wonderful visit with old friends on Martha's Vineyard over the weekend.We took the ferry from Woods Hole.
We stayed at our friends Marilyn and Denny's 100+ year old home on Hines Point in Vineyard Haven. This house has a terrific history. Mr. Hine, for whom the point was named, built the original house after he purchased the land back in the 1870s.

destroyed by the storm in 1898
It was destroyed by a storm in 1898 and rebuilt. Denny's parents bought it in the 40s after it lay in disrepair for some years. His folks sold it some time later to another couple. Years and years later, Denny was able to purchase this home from the same couple who bought it from his parents. The couple was in their 90s by then.

I lifted this photo of the exterior from the Internet.
Lots of loving renovations have brought it up to date where necessary while retaining it's antique charm. Marilyn has such a flair for decorating. Every room has so much to look at that every time you enter one of them, it's like entering it for the first time. I wish I had taken more photos, but I don't think they would have captured the feeling you get when you are there. It has two stair ways one, winding and narrow from the kitchen. The other of a grander feel from the living room, both leading up to 4 bedrooms and a sitting room and three baths. There is another bedroom downstairs off the kitchen along with another bath. It seems to go on forever with little nooks where one can curl up with a book and other spots where you could enjoy a little peace and quiet whenever you needed it.

Outside is the same way with various spots to sit and enjoy the views and gardens. Aside from the large and comfortable porch, furnished with wicker and rocking chairs there is a garden patio in the back, a couple of weathered wooden benches and some lovely blue Adirondack chairs just waiting for an artist to come along and capture. They overlook the harbor with a view of the ferries arriving and departing. And on the other side of the house a view of Lagoon Pond, just down a flight of old weathered stairs. 

Denny took Ed and George out for a cruise in the lagoon and out to the harbor.

Us gals just walked the beach around the lagoon and looked for sea glass and heart stones.

The Lagoon is lovely and secluded, but the quiet summer afternoon was interrupted momentarily by helicopter traffic.
One of 6 or 7 helicopters that flew over delivering the first family to the island for their vacation.

Marilyn and Denny keep their boat in the lagoon and it's where friends and family can go for a swim.

Their dock in the lagoon.
Some friends taking a swim.

The yard is full of mature plantings and spots to sit and relax. A sweet Victorian style playhouse sits in the yard waiting for the grandkids to arrive. A wooden swing hangs from the bough of a large shade tree, under which a hammock invites you for an afternoon nap. The wonderful wrap-around porch where 8 of us gathered, talked, laughed, ate, drank and caught up is always a favorite spot.
That is the view of the harbor beyond their yard as seen from their porch.
I may have to try to do a watercolor of this picture.

I haven't been there for a few years, but it always feels so warm and welcoming and has everything to do with our hosts.
View from our bedroom. We overlooked the harbor and the grape arbor. Lovely to wake up to. I have stayed in 3 of the 5 or 6 bedrooms. I liked this one the best so far.

One would think that the way I am writing this that the house was the star of the weekend. It was certainly quite a setting, but the stars were our friends. We have a group of friends who I miss terribly. I get together with them whenever I can but it's getting harder to see them with everyone's busy schedules. There were a few of the old gang missing because of scheduling conflicts and we missed them this time around. But I hope to see them soon. When we do get together, it is a high time we have. (Is that still an expression for this century?) I love these folks and cherish the times we do have together. I am so appreciative that Malaryn hosted this weekend.

The Steamship Authority terminal-before we knew it we were back in line to get back on the ferry to Wood's Hole.

Ed waits for the ferry to start up. The weather was gorgeous and even the boat ride was special.
We had a special time with special friends. Lots of laughter and good food and conversation in a spot like no other, with perfect weather and calm seas. What more could you ask for on a summer's weekend?

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