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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Update on Becky's Friend in New Orleans

I just spoke to Becky who has not been able to contact her friend Janet since Katrina hit. But she and her husband evacuated New Orleans early Saturday morning in their motorhome with 3 cats, 2 dogs and a parrot named Pepe. They were going to be allowed to stay at any campground for free, but with no electricity and 105 degree temperatures, I am sure the "ark" was not a very comfortable place to be. Becky says that Janet's house is very near the levy that has been breached and in an area that was hit hard. Janet's husband's machine shop is on Lake Ponchartrain and she is sure that has been flooded.
She continues to try to reach Janet and we continue to send thoughts and prayers her way. L-Suz

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  1. Margaret's daughter is worried about her house in New Orleans. She's flying to Texas today to be with her husband until they can get to their house. It's hard to believe all the devastation!


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