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Friday, August 26, 2005

Morning Folks 08 26 05

Some people can tell what time it is by looking at the sun.
But I have never been able to make out the numbers.

That was a joke Dad sent in his list on Thursday and it just tickled me so much that it inspired today's blog. Thanks Dad!

Did you know?

Until the end of the 19th century, all time was local and related to the sun. Noon in Boston was not the same time as noon in New York. With the development of railroads and telegraphs widely spaced locations became linked to each other more closely in time and, there was a need to standardize time areas. In 1884 an international convention in Washington D.C. agreed on a worldwide system of time zones of 15° each. Local adjustments were allowed, as necessary, to keep political subdivisions in a single zone.

Did you know?

That the science of time, clocks, watches and timekeeping is called Horology? Who knew? Hmmm...there is a joke in there somewhere.

Did you know?

The Egyptians and Babylonians divided the hours of the night and the hours of the day each into 12 hours. So at certain times of the year, an hour was long as 75 minutes during the night and as low as 45 minutes during the day, and vice versa, depending on the seasons.

Did you know?

Native Americans used a small boat as a water clock. There was a small hole to let the water drip out and graduated lines on the inside of the boat to show the passing of time.

Did you know?

That the candle was used in ancient times as a device to measure time by marking intervals along the length of the candle. The candle was used as an alarm clock by putting a nail in the candle. When the candle wax melted down the nail fell into a tin pan making a noise.

Go to this site if you want to find out how to tell time by the sun:

Hope you learned something about horology. According to the sun it is Friday. Sleep late tomorrow. You don't need to set those nails!

Have a great Friday.

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