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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Morning Folks 08 06 05


I saw a single shooting star while I lay in bed last night.
I dared not close my eyes to sleep lest I would miss the sight
Of yet another shooting star across the glittered skies
That I was certain would appear should I rest my wearied eyes.

Strange, how bright one star appears against an ebon sky
Simply for its movement while others just stand by.
So quickly did it disappear-a brief and brilliant fall-
It made me question what I’d seen, if anything at all.

I kept a hopeful vigil then, my chin upon the sill,
And through the summer screens it seemed the world was standing still.
The twinkling of the glitter dome, a gift for all to share.
I felt with peaceful certainty a larger presence there.

Soon sleep became the hunter and I became the prey.
The aim was true, the mark was found, and down to sleep, I lay.
Though saddened I had only seen one fleeting comet bright
I woke next morn with faith renewed by the new day filled with light.

By Suzanne L. Petersen
Summer 1996

I haven't written any poetry in a while and some of you might have read this one before. I may have to start writing again as I might run out of inspiring quotes. I would love to have some of your poems to put on my blog from time to time, if you are willing to share. Don't be shy. I can only write the rhyming kind. I think I might have read too much Dr. Seuss as a kid. But most people write in free or open verse these days. Or even some pleasant prose would be fun. I would love to read what you write and put some artwork with it. How about it?

Have a great Saturday.
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  1. Great poem! As always, I especially enjoy your choice of words. In this case, "ebon" a particular fav. Self-expression is a wonderous thing really. While I both enjoy and admire poetry it's never been a forte. Perhaps your invitation will change that. Although I think I still dig Dr. Seuss so the world might best not humor me in my efforts? "Red Fish, Blue Fish", "Hop on Pop" and "Green Eggs & Ham" pretty much define me as a human being. Here's one word we don't often use (that is put into practice) as adults - unencumbered! Well, that and maybe persimmon...I think mostly because the spelling can be hard to remember and what it is can be confused with something it a color, is it a plant, an aging rock star that wears scary makeup? No wait, that's genesimmons. Come to find out it's of the genus of trees in the ebony family. Which is really weird because it randomly popped in my head after just lines ago mentioning ebon. I'll take this as a sign from above to make my next poetry attempt about a tree. So, stay tuned...the awesome thing about this is that there a ton of words that ryhme with tree. Lucky me! Hmmm, maybe I'll leave the poetry to folks like Sue and simply enjoy reading them :)

  2. great poetry. I can write poetry if I really put my mind to it. But today, you wouldn't want to hear my words-they sure aren't pretty. It's the trailer park!! People are something else lately. We got a couple of people trying to be sneaky and get things they aren't entitled to get. One did it after I told him NOT to do it. He got turned down and the town called me. So, ha ha he didn't get what he wanted!!!

  3. Hi Kathy,

    I think there's something floating in the air this week. I had a bit of a fight on the phone with an obnoxious, disgruntled tax payer. Although to be fair I think he's simply one of those disgruntled human beings! I'm thickening my skin as time goes by, thankfully. In the tax collection biz I guess you need to do that. Not to worry, we're very kind, helpful and caring in the Sudbury Town Offices, really. I just need to remember that no matter what some people will persist on being aggrevators, antagonists, grumps and just plain "poopy heads"! So if it's any consolation to you today, tomorrow that person may very well still be a poopy head but you'll be ready to compose some fine poetry :) Happy Saturday to you. Regards, Andrea

  4. By the way, Sue, your audio blog came in loud and clear! I didn't know you could recite Shakespeare in Cantonese. 非常滿意 ! At least I think that was you I was hearing?! Hmm, come to think of it there were several other voices in the background, gun play and what then sounded like an acceptance speech. I think I may have hit the wrong button and tapped into the Bruce Lee fan page? Speaking of martial arts, just how old does Steven Segal have to get before he realizes he can't really save the world with just a few hand slaps, pony tail and bad acting? (Sorry mom, she's a big fan! :) Seriously, great feature. I'll look forward to hearing what's doin' down Cape way in you absence. I get lonely in the office when you're away, after all. Thank heavens for our pal Melinda. She's always willing to laugh at our silly humor :)

  5. Suzy,
    Listened to your audio. Came in clear as a bell. Hearing your voice is better than reading your comments.



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