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Friday, August 12, 2005

Morning Folks 08 12 05

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(file photo-not Sudbury police)

Sudbury is a small town. Although with a $70M budget and a highly educated and wealthy population, you think of it as being mostly safe, there is the occasional crime. Sometimes these crimes are very serious. In today's Town Crier, we read about one such crime. Fortunately, our top notch Police Department is on the ball and have already apprehended at least one of the perpetrators. It is troubling what is happening in America's suburbs. But, as the world gets smaller and smaller and Boston gets closer and closer, what was once a safe and quiet bedroom community is facing the dangers out there in the real world more and more. Please read the following article and leave your comments to share with the rest of us.


PS I should be back on line on Sunday the 21st. Til then, have a great week.

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