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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Morning Folks 05 30 06

Morning Folks! I am back, sort of. My brain is still on the honeymoon, but I guess I am back in Massachusetts. Our official pictures aren't back yet. But here are some more taken by the folks at the reception. I have lots more but I need to organize them, etc. For more pictures, click on the link to Kathy's blog over to the right of the screen.
Looking off into the future, I suppose.
Doug, Mom, Ed, Kim and Bill
Joe, Me, Ed and John
Doug makes his toast.

Arabella with Grampa and Grandma
First Dance.

The head table enjoys the cake.
Bill dances with Mom.

I hope to post more of the grandkids. They were so good and I know we got some good shots. Of course, Arabella took more of the pictures than anyone else. She was quite the shutterbug that day.

Off to work.


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  1. Congrats again Suz, you look so lovely! I wish you & Ed all happiness. Blessings, C.--


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