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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Morning Folks May 21, 2006

Well, I had expected that because we were on our honeymoon this week, I would be too busy laying on the beach in Florida to do my blog. However, the best laid plans...

Don't worry, we did get married. Those plans went fine. In fact they went beautifully. We had a wonderful wonderful wedding ceremony. The service was beautiful. Our 4 boys stood up for us. Doug and Bill gave me away. And we had both priest and pastor officiating. It really was very special.

The Reception was lovely. John, Ed's eldest was the "wedding planner" and did a crackerjack job. We had a nice meal, nice music and great company with lots of Ed's family and friends, and of course my kids and Bill's girlfriend Kim were so loving to come all that way to support me. It was really nice for the 3 of them to get to know Ed's family and vice versa. Doug is now an official member of Ed's grandson Zeppelin's "spy team." (But I don't really know anything else about that because it is top secret.) Arabella and Kim are fast friends and Saturday night after the wedding Doug, Bill and Kim went to John and Robin's to play cards and visit with them and Ed's younger son Joe. I thought that was really nice, even if Joe won all that money from my sons!

We all met again for breakfast at the hotel the next morning for one last "family" gathering.We said goodbye to the boys and Kim who had to catch a flight and to John, Robin and the kids. Ed's brother Bob and sister-in-law Susan left for Louisville. We packed up our gear and Joe helped Ed hook up the trailer carrying his little sunfish sailboat. We waived goodby to Joe, who was just leaving to take Kathy to the airport and we set out on 75 south to Sarasota.

About 4 hours into the trip, someone waived to us and pointed to the back of the truck. We pulled over to see if there was something wrong with the boat we were pullinga and sure enough, not only had a tire on the trailer gone flat, it was gone and the rim was all torn up. We pulled way off the road and unhitched the boat. Ed knew he could get a replacement at Walmart and with the help of a GA state trooper, we found one about 25 miles away. We arrived at Walmart's tire store at 6:15 and of course they closed at 6:00. We did find a wheel and tire on the shelf at Walmart, but they have to be mounted. We looked all over the area and found nothing else was open.

Wwe drove all the way back to the boat, removed the wheel so we could bring it back to Walmart with us the next morning, drove back again to that area. And, here we are, not at Siesta Key, but at the Holiday Inn Express in Cordele, GA. Ed is already fast asleep and if the train whistle doesn't wake us up, we'll be well rested, get everything fixed in the AM and be on the beach by 3:00 PM tomorrow. And because Holiday Inn Express has free WIFI, I could do my blog!

So, if we are in Siesta Key by tomorrow and our original plans get back on track, I will be too busy laying on the beach to blog again until next week. Keep your fingers crossed!


PS. today, May 21st was Bill's 29th Birthday. We sang to him this morning, gave him a T shirt and an Elvis CD. Fitting the locale, don't you think? We embarrassed him at the rehearsal dinner, too, singing to him in the restaurant as well. Send him a B-day greeting if you get the chance


  1. Wow, what a start to the honeymoon! Glad that the festivities went according to plan. The good news is the beach will be waiting for you when you get there :) Have a wonderful time.

  2. glad you had a nice time at the wedding. sounds like lots of fun. too bad about the trailer.
    still no chippy in the have-a-heart trap. no signs of him anywhere. good thing. have a ball on the beach and wear your sun screen. love,b


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