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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Morning Folks 05 17 06

Morning Folks!

Well, this will be my last blog posting before I become Mrs. Ed Eaton on Saturday at 11:00 AM, God willin' and the creek don't rise, that is. Although there are a lot of creeks rising in New England these days. But that is material for another day's blog.

It has been a long time coming, this wedding of ours. 6Years ago last month Ed contacted me after 34 years of traveling down our own separate paths, only for them to re-converge in that fateful e-mail. I have posted it below and if you click on it, you should be able to read that now famous document. I hope Ed doesn't mind me showing it to you. Seems simple enough, but it changed our lives.

Yes, Ed and I were in love, truly, madly and as deeply as possible for a 14 year old and a 16 year old. That is until our love was tested with me going to California for 2 weeks while he remained on the Cape with all those young bikini-clad beach bunnies! But 2 weeks was just too long and Ed moved on to a girl who would become Chuck's first wife. (Doesn't this sound like a Lifetime Movie to you?)

I guess our romance lasted about as long as most do at that tender age. But there had been a connection made then that transcended time and with a few short e-mails, I was once again swept off my feet! I still see that 16 year old boy when Ed smiles at me and in my mind's eye we are still dancing to Elvis on the porch at 13 and 1/2 Uncle Rolf Road on a starry summer night.

I am so lucky to have so many supportive and loving friends and family members in my life. And I know that when Doug and Bill walk me down that aisle on Saturday morning, although most of you won't be there with me in person, you will be there in spirit. What you all have given me over the years has sustained me and in large part brought me to where I am today: happy and excited about the next chapter in my life. Thanks for getting me here. I can't wait to see what happens next! And please believe me when I tell you, no matter where in the world I end up, you will always be in my life. Always.

Please pray for sunshine in Chattanooga on Saturday, and that my shoes don't hurt too much, and that when we dance our first dance to Elvis I won't start to cry. (Or more likely that Ed won't start to cry!) And sunshine for the honeymoon in Florida would be nice, too, but not essential. wink wink.

See you when we get back with lots of pics, I hope!


PS. No action in the Hav-a-hart trap. I wonder if Chip has left the building? I am going to assume he has and leave in the morning anyway!


  1. I just love a good romance!! Life sure is funny. What's the saying-"The shortest distance between two points is a straight line". Well, when it comes to people, I like to say the shortest distance is measured in syllables rather than miles. That is to say that genuine caring, love and devotion coupled with the words shared between two people is a magical combination. Self-expression and understanding can make the miles melt away just as suredly as it can make a matter of inches into insurmountable distance. Maybe that's why some people think, talk and write so d'ern much? :) Call me crazy but so long as there are people out there in the world and better yet in our hearts willing & able to "listen" to what our mind, heart and soul are looking to share we'd be fools not to take every opportunity to express...what better example of that, I dare say there is none, than when two people say to each other, what you two will on Saturday..."honey will you pass the bread"..."I can't believe you said that in public"...."have you seen my toothbrush"..."boy, is it hot in here or is it just me"..."I wonder what Elvis would do in a situation like this"..."Take the next left"....oh yeah and "I love you, I do" :)

    If you weren't so anti-rodent, I might break out in the oldie but goodie "Muskrat Love" Suzie (I'm a sucker for love songs of all kinds) but I suppose some people might then wonder just who the heck is Sam and the last thing you need to be thinking about on your wedding day is a little chipmunk running up your phone bill and eating all your peanuts while you're instead I'll simply say best wishes to you both on your wedding day and always.

  2. Hey, don't forget if I didn't tell Ed about 'that high school alumnus thing' you two might not have gotten back together! hahaha Actually, I think it was meant to be and somehow you would have found each other. I can't wait for the wedding and when I see you two sons walk you down the aisle, I hope I can keep a dry eye. I wish you all the best that the future can hold.

  3. i'll be there in spirit too, soobala.
    you'll have a beuatiful
    day no matter the weather and I will be tending Chip. love,boobala


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