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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Morning Folks 05 04 06 The Next Idol...I hope!

Okay, I know I am too old and too busy to be thinking about this, but I just can't help it. I am smitten by a guy on American Idol. I even called in and voted for him the first week!

His name is Taylor Hicks and I am using today's blog to campaign for him.

I know I am not the only one watching this show. Cindy and Angie are Idol fans from season one. I think Becky watches it, too. Ed has watched for the last couple of weeks, mostly because I made him watch it. He likes Catherine, though.

The problem is that the top 3 men are all so good that I feel a little bad declaring my loyalty to Taylor, but not really. I really love his style, his voice and he is so CUTE!

Elliot and Chris are the other really talented men still left in the competition. Elliot has a great voice and Chris is a really professional performer, but more of a rocker.

They are really good, too, but not like Taylor. He has soul!

Here is a link to his fan website. You can even hear him sing a little bit if you go there.

I think the finale will be shown when we are on our honeymoon. But Ed already knows that we have to be watching that night. He's so understanding!

Thanks for letting me share my guilty pleasure of watching this silliness. And if you've been watching, let's hear your opinions. And watch next Tuesday and vote for Taylor!!!!


  1. You get to marry Ed, I get to marry Taylor!!!x0x0x0, beck

  2. I like Taylor too, but I also like Catherine. Big decision!!!


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