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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Morning Folks Rabbit!!! 06 01 06

Morning Folks! Ed and I were lucky enough to spend some time with Dad and Inez, Uncle Alan and Marianne and Gabe and Madelyn last week when we were in Florida for our honeymoon. We had a wonderful visit which was much too short. Dad and Inez hosted a delicious lunch at a very nice restaurant. It was really special to have a wedding celebration with these Floridians who I just don't get to see nearly enough. It was the next best thing to having them there at the wedding itself.

Gabe has given Uncle Alan the new nickname of Too Tall Hall and Unc gave Gabe the nickname of Last Chance Hall. It might be obvious why Gabe gave Unc that nickname, but you might have to think a bit about the nickname Alan gave Gabe.

During our pre-luncheon conversation, to my surprise, Gabe and Madelyn were somewhat puzzled about the Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit thing that I reference each month.

So, if some of the rest of you are also not too sure about it, I would refer you to the archives on this blog. Go to August 1, 2005 or copy and paste this link:

Suffice it to say, however, that the safest thing to do on the first of every month when you wake up before speaking any other words, say Rabbit, Rabbit Rabbit. Just try it and I bet you will see that the month of June will be terrific!

It's hard to believe that pretty soon, June will be bustin' out all over and everything will be coming up roses!

Time sure flies when you're having fun. (If you are under 40, you might not get the Ethel Merman and the Carousel references here. Just ask an old person. They will explain!)

Have a great day!


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