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Friday, June 02, 2006

Morning Folks 06 02 06

I hope you don't mind seeing even MORE pictures. But I promised more of the grandchildren. They were so excited about the wedding. And I think they had a really fun time. I miss them already and can't wait to see them again. Arabella is 4 and Zeppelin is 7. Indigo will be 1 in July. Fortunately, when I move to TN they will live nearby. They already started to call me Grandma a couple of months before the wedding, although Arabella sometimes forgets and calls me Suzanne. She can call me whatever she wants because she pretty much has me wrapped around her finger, just like her big brother. And Indigo is working on it!

Proud Grandparents

Arabella and Zeppelin were a big part of the ceremony. They brought the wine and bread down to the priest for communion. Nobody got a picture of them from the front, but Ed and I saw them as they came down the aisle. They were beaming. Ed and I were very proud of them.

Zeppelin helped by taking pictures.

He mingled with the guests while he had his dinner.

He asked Grandma to dance.

Arabella captures the moment on film.

Arabella loved her bouquet and enjoyed being in the pictures, but not as much as she enjoyed taking them.

Arabella took some great pictures. She has a good eye!

Adjusting her equipment.

The photographer takes a break.

A quiet moment for brother and sister.

And then there is little Indigo. She made her presence known from time to time. But she was a little young to take pictures.

She did dance with Grampa, though. Grampa is just enamored with these three. And so am I!

Indigo takes a break with Robin, the mother of these beautiful kids. Can't you see where they get their good looks?

What a beautiful family.

Have a great day.


  1. they are awesome, can't wait to have my own!

  2. WOW!! pretty mother pretty kids, the father must be quite a catch. You sure are lucky.

  3. Of course the grandkids are gorgeous, they look like 'our' side of the family!! Just kidding. Robin and John have given them their good looks, but they do look a lot like Ed, especially when they are babies!! Hope you love being part of this crazy clan of ours! You're part of it now anyway-haha!!!

  4. Bob & Susan Eaton6/3/06, 9:36 AM

    Great to have you and your wonderful sons in our family Suzanne.....The Family photo is the best of the bunch because it captures all of you on one of the best days for this family! Love ya ALL!!!!


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