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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Morning Folks Happy Birthday Doug

For some reason I woke up in the wee hours of the morning today and was wide awake. So I went on the computer to pay some bills, read e-mail, maybe do my blog. I looked at the screen and it said 3:08 AM and it was April 6. Thirty years ago, to the minute I know where I was. Doug came into the world at that moment and changed my life forever, opening up my heart and my universe like nothing else could.

Grampy took this picture. He was taking a photography class that year. I am sure Doug was hungry. I was still learning his language at that time. He was brand new.

Corina and Gabe helped Doug celebrate his first Easter. They just loved their new cousin. Finally, someone littler than they were.

At 6 weeks he smiled all the time. I think I had learned his language by then.

First Christmas with Mom and Aunt Becky. He was the cutest little baby. He still is! Becky gave him his special Xmas PJs that year.

Partying on New Year's Eve with Mom. Bill is on the way.

A few years later and Angie arrived. Bill and Doug were like big brothers, rather than cousins. She never knew what hit her! (Mom liked their hair long at the time. It was the 70s.)

Brothers. Still pals today. I just loved to watch them together.

Finally had a hair cut from a barber by this time. This was probably 4th grade. Maybe 3rd. Braces came shortly thereafter.

And then, poof! And suddenly he is 30.

Where did the years go? I just don't know. But I have loved every moment of Doug's journey so far, from infancy, through childhood and on into his adulthood, good times and bad. Sometimes, especially when he was little, I was right there with him on his journey. Other times I was just an observer, allowing him to take over and navigate his own path while I watched in amazement as he overcame some of his life's more difficult challenges. He is a survivor with a strong spirit. His sense of humor and quick wit, his perseverence, his loyalty to his friends and most of all his heart make me feel so proud to be his mother. I can't wait to see the rest of his journey unfold, and it will be my joy to witness.

Happy Birthday, Doug.
I love you.


  1. Happy birthday Doug! Great pictures and trip down memory lane. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Happy Birthday Doug! Cuz Liz

  3. Happy Birthday Doug, Can't wait to meet you! -John

  4. Happy Birthday Doug, Ed


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