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Monday, April 03, 2006

Morning Folks-Correction to April 2-To Steff

Since the day she was born, I have thought that Steff's birthday was April 2. I don't have any idea why I think of that as her birthday. It happened 16 years ago, and her mother, my sister Cindy, informed me of my mistake once again this morning.
So, to correct yesterday's posting, it was not Steffanie's birthday yesterday, April 2. But today, APRIL 3 is her Birthday. Just a little warning: next year I bet I will make the same mistake again. I think it is imprinted on my brain. And really, it would probably be easier for her to change her DOB than for me to change the erroneous date in my brain.
If she could cut her aging Aunt some slack, it would be really appreciated. After all, I was close. And I think that close does count for birthdays, just like in horse shoes. It might not be as good as a ringer, but you do get some points. And speaking of horse shoes, how lucky I am to have Steff as a niece? (Good segue?)

So, Steff, Happy Sweet Sixteen...again!




  1. I always think tomorrow is dougs bday/ is it?
    I think you are doing pretty good to get the general time down pat.
    happy b-day stef. Love, beck

  2. Aww, thanks for remembering me twice! Now I have a really good excuse to extend the birthday celebrations! Love, Stef --- And thanks to Aunt Becky!


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