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Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Grommet

 The Grommet

I don't know how I stumbled on this website, but I love it! It is a site that promotes new products developed by inventors to solve some simple and not so simple problems. Some of them are mundane and not as original as others. But others are just intriguing.
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The first one to catch my eye was Sugru. This is some substance that is soft and pliable and when dried it turns into a flexible, rubbery thing of whatever shape you want. It sticks to almost anything. It can be used to repair the cord on your iPad which seems to split near the connector almost immediately after buying it. Or, you can form little rubber feet for the bottom of something where one has been lost. Or to put little rubber feet on anything that never had them but really should have them. I have a vase at home in Naples that threatens to scratch the shelf whenever I move it. I wonder if I could make larger rubber feet for my chairs so they won't scratch the floor? The stick-on felt pads just keep coming off. But who knows what else you could fix or fabricate with this stuff. It's like grown-up play-dough! Right now I am on Cape Cod, but as soon as I get home I am ordering some Sugru.

Then there are these really cool goggles that kids would love. Remember as a kid how swim masks would pull and tear at your hair whenever you put them on or took them off? Some dad invented these that look really comfy to wear and easy to put on or take off.

Or even these sweet little pewter wishbones. I just like them. They dont really solve a problem, but wouldn't it be fun to just have one on your desk to remember what your wishes are? Or maybe give one to somebody you love just for fun? Apparently they are very popular because they are restocking them right now.

And I love this automatic cord recoiler. For just $20 each you can put your charger cords or earbud cords on a nice little reel, then keep them lined up next to each other. Mine are always hanging around my nightstand attached to an extension cord waiting to be plugged in. 

There is a Grommet blog  that promotes some of the newer offerings and follows up on some of the older ones as well as giving you some of  the backstory on some of the inventors and how they came up with their ideas. It's a fun little site and I hope you enjoy looking at it. In the meantime, if anybody tries that Sugru stuff, I really want to know if it works and what ideas you've had to use it!

I do love a great invention.

Have a great day!


  1. I will check out this site. Love the wishbone! Also will send the idea to my daughter on the gogglesiertoom. My 8 year old grand daughter is on the town swim team. THANKS! Great blog...welcome back!

  2. Keep it up you are interesting to read. You could be the next Andy Rooney


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