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Wednesday, July 24, 2013


It's been 2 years since I have posted anything here on this blog. Two long years for me, the blogger. I am not sure how the reader feels about the absence, but for now, let's hope somebody missed it. It had a decent run from July 2005 to July 2011. In the midst of it I began another blog, The Hunt for Henrietta which was pretty popular with readers because it deals with genealogical research, a very popular topic these days. Suzie's Musings is very different and more personal. But it's also easier to write something current than researching and writing about centuries old stories. The low hanging fruit of my family tree seems to have been gathered for the most part. New ancestors and available information on individuals get more difficult to find as we go back in history. Which is why I decided to revive Suzies Musings and let Henrietta continue to rest in peace.

It's easy to come up with topics for this blog.  As long as I wake up each day, there will probably be something to write about. My niece, we will call her J-ster because this is how she refers to herself in her blog, writes a blog similar Suzies Musings from back in the day. Here is a link to her blog.
It is really entertaining especially if you know her. Reading her blog this summer has inspired me to pick up keyboard and screen and try to breathe new life into this old blog.

Today's post is about why I haven't posted anything. And after much analysis, I think it is all because of my iPad. I love my iPad. I got my ipad for my birthday in August of 2011. That was the last time I posted this blog and in October of the same year, I posted my final Henrietta blog as well. However, in February and September of 2011, respectively, my granddaughter was born and we moved to Florida. Anyone or all of those things could have contributed to the demise of my blogs. But I really think it is my iPad's fault.

First, it is physically appealing. It is compact and weighs nothing so that it travels well. It is sleek and smart looking and works the way it's supposed to, which is no mean feat in this day and age. It has a lovely red case that stands up for convenience. I have it with me wherever I go and I have instant connection with Words with Friends, Facebook and immediate gratification when it comes to Google or looking at some of my favorite photos.

I thought about trying to go cold turkey, giving up my iPad for 30 days. Then I could write a blog about 30 days of abstinence. But the thought of going without it is too painful to me. What would I do while my laptop is powering up? Today, I played Angry Birds during that 2 minutes. What would I do if I had to find out why my ear is itching? I'd have to either go to my iPhone, which is not working well these days thanks to a sticky button, or wait 2 minutes for my laptop to warm up and that would be way too long. By then my ear would have stopped itching and I'd be onto some other question. Besides, the only time I have ever given up my iPad was when Lily wanted to use it to watch Mickey Mouse Club or the Octonauts.

Not to mention that without immediate answers to countless questions, there would be many an argument left unsettled. Ed and I have a continuing discussion about this. He says I Google things during arguments because I have to be right. He is so wrong. I have a natural curiosity that makes me want to know what the right answer is. For example, is Jeff Bridges older or younger than I am? Or, I need to know who that actor was from BJ and the Bear who shot himself accidentally with a gun loaded with blanks. I need that information when I want it. Otherwise I may not survive the conversation. I certainly wouldn't be able to sleep that night.

So, because a 60+ year old, retired mind tends to wander from one subject to the next, forgetting the primary reason for looking something up in the first place, I find myself virtually lost in a long chain of Google inquiries and it takes up most of the time I once spent writing.

But Googling everything has become such an obsession that I would rather do that than write my blog. Incidentally, the reason my ears are itching is probably because I have developed some seasonal allergy symptoms in my old age. Or because there is a bug in my ear, but I think I have ruled that out.
And the fellow from BJ and the Bear was Greg Evigan. However, Greg Evigan is NOT the guy who shot himself with a blank. That was Jon Eric Hexum who played Phineas Bogg on a show called Voyagers, one of my son's favorite shows of all time. I never would have known that had I not had my iPad at the ready.

And Jeff Bridges is a year and a half older than me and I think he's still the sexiest guy in the movies.

So you see, having my iPad available to look these things up or to provide me with entertainment and challenging games when I have seconds or minutes to fill is undermining my blogging. If I don't post anything for another 2 years, you will know why.


  1. janet valentino elder7/24/13, 7:01 PM

    Very happy you are at it again, insightful and Damn funny, blog on girl

  2. Great Job. I missed your musings!!!

  3. I'm glad to see you back at it!!


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