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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Owen's First Birthday

Well I just had a great weekend with my son and his family. It kept me away from the blogging for a couple of days, but I am sure you understand. Although those of you who are my Facebook friends will see this as sort of a rerun, I have to write about it just because it's what's on my mind today. Perhaps tomorrow I will be back off the cloud nine that comes along every time I spend time with grandkids.

It was our littlest grandson Owen's first birthday party. His mom had created this fabulous nautical themed party with family and friends gathered in the backyard. The weather was much better than anticipated, albeit a little warm and humid. But they had strategically placed canopies and umbrellas in areas where the giant oak didn't provide any shade. And there was a pool, too cold for this Grammy to get into, but there were some takers.

Lily thought it was great. Great Aunt Becky, (AKA Becky the Great) thought it was a little chilly!

And for the toddlers there was a water table to splash in as well as a wading pool.

But in the little pool, the water was great!

 A sand table, a playhouse, a workbench and even a toddler barbecue.

Cousin Dylan at the workbench

Cousins Lulu and Maya join Lily in the playhouse.
Uncle Dooger accompanies Lily for her debut. Just give her a minute and she'll be okay.

Lily insisted that Uncle Dooger get her up from her nap for her dramatic entrance to the party. It took her a few minutes to warm up. I think she was a little shy waking up to a backyard full of party guests. (You'll notice the boo-boo on her lip from a tumble earlier in the week. This did not make for the best photographs, but even with a boo-boo on her lip, I think she's an absolute doll.)

Sandtable fun
After a wonderful meal prepared by Kim and Bill and assistant chef, Dooger, the presentation of the ceremonial cake took place. Although the wind had blown out the candle, Owen still blew and we all clapped as he made his wish.  

The presentation.
Oops. Wardrobe Malfunction

A masterpiece!
The Smash Cake

The cake was beautiful and tasty as well. Owen had his own "Smash Cake" which is something I'd never heard of but appropriately named and very entertaining for Owen and us spectators.
Ready, set, smash!
Cake Gloves
What's that? I can't hear you. I have cake in my ear.

As host, my son did whatever he had to do to keep the guests entertained. Some guests enjoyed being part of the four-headed monster walk.

Others enjoyed his tour of his new shed. 

There were multiple sets of grandparents there, as well as quite a few toddlers.

I heard but a very few little outbursts and no meltdowns what so ever. And the toddlers were well behaved, too. (Bah dump bum.)

I think they all must have had good naps that day before they arrived.

Owen was, as always, even tempered and all smiles. He loved the new over-sized stuffed gorilla he got from one of his cousins.

And he enjoyed being passed from person to person as he mingled with his guests, giving everyone a little face time.

Keeping with the nautical theme, bowls of Goldfish and Swedish fish, with a silver scoop provided for self-serve were on a side table with goodie bags there to be filled upon the guests' departure.

It was a great time. Mom's sandals had been left a little too close to the high chair. Filled with leftover cake, one might say it was a cakewalk. I didn't make that one up. I think it was Bill. groan.

Lily has her Daddy wrapped around her little finger, and I suspect that will last a long, long time. After most of the guests went home, but the music played on, there was a little dancing. Here's a little clip of the father and daughter dance.

Sister Lily was, as always, the loving big sister was also the assistant hostess with the mostest.
Happy Birthday kisses.

Playing with Grampa in the morning before the party was just the beginning of  great visit.
We got to spend a couple of fun days with these little ones. Each visit we get to know them better and it's so much fun to watch my son being the dad he is. He and his wife have such a wonderful partnership in raising these two precious little ones. My grandbabies are very lucky to have a home so full of love and nurturing as they do.

 Happy  Birthday Owen! Thanks for inviting us to your party!


  1. Peggy Escobar7/30/13, 10:28 AM

    Looks like fun was had by all! As the grammy to a 10 year old and a one year old I can really appreciate your enthusiasm!

  2. I don't see one picture of Grandma with the grandchildren. I'm sure someone knows how to use your iPad or camera. Looks like a good time was had by all!


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