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Friday, June 03, 2011

Feel Good Friday June 3, 2011

The first thing that makes me feel good this Friday is that it's my Dad's birthday! Happy Birthday Dad! Hope to see you soon!

I reminded folks to say their rabbits and guess what? I actually remembered to say them myself this month.

The next thing that made me feel good was that we used Groupons today to go on a Chattanooga Riverboat sightseeing and luncheon cruise with our good friends and next door neighbors, Ron and Kathie.

If you don't know what a Groupon is, go to and find out. Every day you receive a special offer from some business in your area to purchase discounted "Groupons". Some of them are terrific deals. When you get around to using them, even though you purchased them, it feels like you are getting a free ticket somewhere since you may have purchased them some time ago. In this case, I bought them months ago. So, it felt like a free cruise!

Also this past week I was able to post my Thursday blog at on time. That makes  me feel VERY good. It's a self-imposed deadline, but I do have some readers who count on seeing it there on Thursdays and I can't let them down! Plus I got some very nice feedback from the readers and that always makes me feel good, to be sure!

And, last but not least, Ed bought an iPhone this week making it possible for him to text, finally! That makes me feel good considering I am heading for the Cape and he''ll be back in Chattanooga. Texting a cute little lovey dovey message from time to time will certainly keep us close. And maybe I'll text him once in a while, too. :0)


  1. GREAT WEEK!!! I bought a Groupon deal this week too to have a picture blown up to 16x20 for just 39 bucks. Hoping we get a great family photo next week as our youngest graduates high school!!


  2. Visiting from Feel Good Friday!!

    what is saying your rabbits?

    I wish I could have an iphone

    Texting is essential now, isn't it??

    that is all

  3. Sounds like a great week. I had to cancel all my groupon things because they were harassing me day and night.


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