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Monday, May 30, 2011

Lily Went to the Beach

Lily went to the beach on Cape Cod over Memorial Day Weekend. I wasn't there, but her mom sent me a photo. She is the sweetest little thing and it will only be a week before I will get to see her again.

But looking at her photo, I think it is interesting to note that as I am fixin' to turn 60, she and I have the same figure. I guess it's the way of things, nature and all. We go back to the way we were when we were infants.

Men, for example sometimes lose their hair going back to the loveable bald look of infancy. They may lose some muscle mass and move a little slower as they age. They  may start to drool...actually, there isn't a lot of difference between men of any age. Not to paint them with the same broad brush, but everything else pretty much is unchanged anyway.

But us women, well, think about it. We get our large round tummies and big thighs back. Thanks to gravity, our boobs are invisible, well, at least they aren't where they once were, so they are at times difficult to locate. We sometimes have to roll over to get up from sitting on the floor, or maybe we need assistance. Some of us love anything that comes in a bottle. We enjoy naps. We don't sleep through the night, but a bottle can help a little. We cry easily, but get over it pretty quickly, especially if someone offers us a bottle. We are easily distracted by anything that glitters and we love to talk, even if at times we don't always make sense. It still gets it off our chests.

And don't we love hats? Some of us look better in them than others, but we still love to try them on if we see them in the store.

This season, I think I should look for a bathing suit like Lily wore to the beach. It is very flattering to her shape, and so it would also be to mine.

The one thing I am still working on that Lily has down cold is, that no matter what, she knows she is just fabulous! We can all take a lesson from Lily on that one!

Enjoy your June, and don't forget your rabbits on Wednesday!



  1. I bet you can't wait to see her next week! Enjoy your time with her!

  2. she really does look like a miniature of every granny i've ever seen at the beach. hysterical!!


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