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Sunday, May 01, 2011

May 1, 2011 Fascinators~

I love Princess Kate's Fascinators! Don't you? Hers always are so tasteful and really so flattering.

Some of the Fascinator's at the Royal Wedding on Friday were wild! I like the idea of them. They are really just hair bands with "things" stuck on them, so I think they must be fairly comfortable to wear.

But Princess Beatrice's Fascinator, Andrew and Fergie's daughter, was so strange we couldn't stop wondering, WHY?
Here's another Fascinator Princess Beatrice was photographed in some time before the wedding:
Again. WHY?
But I am not impressed by any of these, really. Our Lily has been wearing Fascinators since she was just day's old.

One of Lily's early selections.

Combination of Fascinator and Cloche

Just lovely.

Fascinators are preferred over the confining feel of a bonnett.

10 Days old and So stylish

Lily! Just Fascinating.
 HAPPY MAY everyone!
Hope you said your rabbits!


  1. Those fascinators bear a striking resemblance to the slippery slope that eventually became Marie Anoinette's insane hairstyles, complete with animals and food in them. The world is not ready for that again.Give me a bonnet anyday.

  2. Those fascinators are fascinating all right. I wonder how it will end up.

    Lily's pictures are wonderful.


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