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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Morning Folks 09 21 08

When I started this blog in 2005 I had intended it to be a place for me to share an inspirational quote, thought, or poem and maybe add a picture or piece of artwork that I found on the web. I was so excited to discover how to use the Web and find quotes and even insert photos and share them with you all that I just went crazy! Then to get your feedback was really wonderful. It is so nice to connect and to find out later, sometimes years later, that something I posted made an impact or just made you chuckle. But it got bigger and bigger and I couldn't decide which picture to post or which quote to include or what to tell you all about and so I started to include more and more and it got bigger and bigger and I was getting burned out!

So a month or so ago when I took this picture of the path to the beach at the Cape this summer, it reminded me of a posting from a few years ago. I went to the archive section on my website and scrolling through I found the post for November 16, 2005. Maybe you will remember it, too. (if you click on this link and then you want to get back to today's blog, use your browser's back arrow key. Also, if you click on a picture to enlarge it, use your back arrow key to get back to the original spot.)

Looking back through some of the older posts on my way to finding this one, was kind of fun. According to the stats counter, as of this posting there have been 10,362 Page Views since I started this. Can you believe that? I am amazed at those numbers. (You can click on the stats at the very bottom of the post to get the counts if you are interested)

Anyway, won't you take a stroll down Suzies Musings Lane with me back to some of my faves? (You can copy and paste these links if they aren't live when you come to them.)

On July 27, 2005 I posted a poem by Addison re-wording the 23rd Psalm with a beatiful picture of a winding Crested Butte Stream. I am still inspired by that poem and the picture.

And I love Labarynths and had to share them in October of 2005.
I did quite a few theme blogs over the years. For example, the one on lemons posted August 9, 2005 was fun.

I got comments from some of you on that one. Curious choice for a subject, but who knows why I chose it.

In September of 2005 I did one on windows

and another on doors

And then there was a revival of my architectural period in 03 02 06 when I did one on Victorian houses.

I found something to say about hands,

and eyes,

numbers and time, the color purple, and asters and hydrangeas.

I went on about things that most of you probably didn't really care about, like exotic kinds of fruit,

but it was interesting for a couple of you and I learned something when I was writing it.

And there were even a couple about rodents... the good (rabbits) and the bad (squirrels).

I found myself discovering new poets and rediscovering old friends, like Robert Louis Stevenson. It has been really fun and at the same time interesting , writing this blog. Connecting with you all is really my payoff, though.

So, today, I just felt like blogging about blogging. I hope you go back and look at some of the older ones. I put some of the links here, but you can go to the archive section and browse all of them. (In the archive list, click on a month and year, then scroll through and find one you like. Then, click on the bottom where the date of the posting shows to get the full screen version.)

I guess some were kind of funny, even if I do say so myself. And some topics were inspiring or thought provoking, or silly or boring or just okay. Not everybody found all of them their cups-o-tea, but if you do look at some of the old ones and find one you liked or think of one that you still remember, it would be fun to know which ones they were.

Of course, some of my lengthier ones are those where I have shared pix of family and friends, and I know those aren't universally interesting. However, for me, there is nothing that inpsires me more than you folks.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

And Happy 7th Birthday, dear Granddaughter Arabella!


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  1. Thanks for bringing a smile to my day. Your granddaughter is very cute.
    your cousin Susan


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