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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Morning Folks 03 03 07

Morning Folks.

My last blog was all about Indigo our 18 month old granddaughter. But last night Arabella, our 5 year old spent the night. Grandma got all Romper-Roomish and got some "activities" for us to do.

First we made a suncatcher. Only Grandma didn't know how to open the paint tubes and apparently should have removed a little cap before squeezing the paint out. We squeezed and squeezed and heard a big pop and suddenly blue paint was everwhere. On Arabella's hand, arm and shirt and on Grandma's face. It was quite a mess but we laughed and laughed. We managed to clean it up, at least we got most of it off the wall.

And she did a great job on the suncatcher, don't you think?

Then we decided to make pearl jewelry. Little did I know that they would package all 1,100 pearls in one bag and ask us to separate them by color first. That took us about two hours and it was Arabella's (and Grandma's) bedtime by then.

So we made a bracelet this morning.

Isn't it beautiful???

Isn't she beautiful?

We had a great time.

More Granparent news.

Cindy and Steve sent more pix of Will this AM. I think he has red hair like his mom!

Cindy is just developing her grandmother skills. I will have to give her some lessons. After all, I know how to open paint tubes now.

Have a great day.



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