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Saturday, March 31, 2007

morning folks March 31 2007

Today I am grateful to be alive and kicking. Last night just hours after I posted yesterday's blog about tornadoes, etc., we were getting ready for dinner when this ungodly blast came over the loudspeakers telling us that "there is a tornado warning for this area. Please remain calm. If you are on the first floor, proceed to the central area of the lobby. If you are floors 2 through 5, exit your rooms and go into the hallway. Sit down on the floor as far away from windows and doors as possible." This was followed by continuous loud alarms and repeated messages. Ed was relaxed and said "better grab a book". Of course I thought of grabbing the Gideon Bible, but the novel I had been reading was closer. Ed kept wandering back in the room to check the TV reports while I frantically text messaged people who I thought would respond. I did manage to scare my kids and my friend Linda, who called me back and begged me to return to Massachusetts.

However, within a half hour everything was once again calm and no twister touched down. We went over to the dining room for dinner and as we emerged we saw the most beautiful rainbow. A double was starting to form. I managed to snap it with my camera phone. But for some reason I can't send Pix messages from here. But here is a link to a slideshow posted on one of the local news stations for you to enjoy.;s=10;dm=ss;w=400&taf=ny

So I am grateful to be here in sunny Oklahoma this fine day.

In addition to the sun shining, today is also my special friend's birthday. I have known Sue since we were both 3 years old. I am not going to tell you for how long we have been friends, but it is over 50 years. So Happy Birthday, my friend. I hope you have a wonderful day!

And the rest of you have a great day, too!



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