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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Morning Folks What's so special about 01 07 06?

I don't believe I know anyone whose birthday is January 7. And I couldnt remember anything particularly interesting about the date. So, I just Googled it and here is some of the info I found.

January 7 is the seventh day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 358 days remaining (359 in leap years).

The most interesting events I found for this date were

1608 Fire destroys Jamestown, VA

1782 The first American commercial bank opens-Bank of North America
1894 W.K. Dickson receives a patent for motion picture film

1904 The Distress signal CQD was established, only to be replaced 2 years later by SOS

1924 Gershwin completes Rhapsody in Blue

1927 the Harlem Globetrotters played their first game and the first international phone call was made-NYC to London.

1953 President Truman announced that the United States had developed a hydrogen bomb.
1980 President Carter signs legislation to bail out Chrysler

1990 The leaning tower of Pisa was closed to the public.

1999 Impeachment Trial of Bill CLinton began

People I have heard of who were born on January 7th

1800 - Millard Fillmore, 13th President of the United States (d. 1874)

1899 - Francis Poulenc, French composer (d. 1963)

1911 - Butterfly McQueen, American actress (d. 1995)

1922 - Vincent Gardenia, Italian-born actor (d. 1992)
1928 - William Peter Blatty, American screenwriter

1937 - Paul Revere, American musician (Paul Revere & The Raiders)

1945 - Tony Conigliaro, American baseball player (d. 1990)
1948 - Kenny Loggins, American singer

1956 - David Caruso, American actor

1957 - Katie Couric, American television host

1964 - Nicolas Cage, American actor

1966 - Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, American publicist (d. 1999)

People I have heard of who died on January 7th

1536 - Catherine of Aragon, queen of Henry VIII of England (b. 1485)
1988 - Trevor Howard, English actor (b. 1913)
1989 - Hirohito, Emperor of Japan (b. 1901)

2002 - Avery Schreiber, American actor (b. 1935)

2005 - Rosemary Kennedy, sister of John F. Kennedy

Holidays and observances
Catholicism - Feast day of St. Raymond of Penafort.

Christmas Day in the Julian calendar. This is the day on which Christmas is celebrated in most Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches.
European traditional - Distaff day: women's traditional work begins again after Epiphany.

What is this Distaff Day thing? Woman's traditional work begins again? Were we supposed to be on a break or something? I missed that memo.

All in all January 7th hasn't really been too exciting in history. Anybody out there have any interesting January 7th trivia?

Have a fabulous January 7th. Maybe one of us can make it an historical day, somehow. If you do, let us all know about it!


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