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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Morning Folks January 31, 2006

Well, the story about my squirrel received more comments than any other one I have posted. Some didn't post the comments on the blogspot so I think I have heard from about 15 people about it. Do you think people relate? I HATE RODENTS!!!!

Kathy, Ed's sister, has had squirrel trouble lately too. Look for the link over to the right to Kathy's blog. My friend Cheryl wrote this after reading my squirrel story. I thought it was really funny.

"I laughed because I could relate to you.....last year a squirrel got into my house through the fire place......and I had heard a noise and went out to look. I got all the way to the living room and looked in the dining room and there it was. I ran for cover to my bedroom and called my mother on her phone in the other bedroom. I knew that the Police and Animal control do nothing for you but I have a neighbor who loves animals. I called and she came over but for some reason could not unlock my deadbolt on the door. This left us screaming in the house still behind closed doors. I told my mother she had to run for it and Nancy would be at the front door. She said she couldn't because she was scared. I was scared worse I told her and she was the mother in this case. She grabbed the iron and newspapers and ran. As she approached the steps to go to the front door she screamed. She saw the creature. Opened the door and Nancy was right there holding the storm door open. She said the squirrel leaped one leap and it was out the door."

Doug sent me to this link to the Real Live Preacher website to read about a problem that he had with raccoons.

RLP has quite a website and I see his quotes on line a lot when looking for inspiration. But this story he wrote is hysterical. Doug now has raccoons in his apartment and has been working with an animal control guy for a while. He says they have trapped 5 but know there are still 3 of them living in his walls. He is terrified of them and I don't blame him. I think I would rather have a squirrel than raccoons!!

No matter how much I hate rodents, don't forget tomorrow morning is Rabbit, Rabbit Rabbit Day. (A rabbit is a rodent, right?)

Have a great Tuesday.

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