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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Morning Folks 09 01 05

First things First: RAbbit Rabbit Rabbit.


Some people are like Slinkies. They're really good for nothing.
But they still bring a smile to your face when you push them down a flight of stairs.

A friend of mine sent this to me today. Now what kind of person would send something like that? I guess my kind of person because I laughed my head off when I read it. Some things just tickle me. As mean as this was it was funny. Don't you wonder why a reasonably nice person, like, say me, has a hard time not laughing when someone trips and falls?

About a year ago a co-worker and friend of mine was at a funeral of another one our our coworkers. It was a very sad affair, really. She had been sick a long time and was relatively young. There were a lot of people in attendance so they had to set up extra metal folding chairs. An old man came in and sat down and missed the chair completely and he landed on the ground. My friend, who I will not identify, started giggling so hard that only air came out of her mouth. Tears began to flow she laughed so hard, which might have fooled some people into thinking she had some compassion for the deceased.
But, she got the entire back row laughing and sort of ruined the whole thing. Nobody could stop laughing. Even when they came back to work after the service.

The same co-worker tells a story about going to pick up her mother at the airport one day. Her mother was elderly but spry enough. She and her sister were picking her up after having been away for a couple of months. The mother was so excited to see them she ran toward them, her arms open for a hug, making her way between two chairs. Unfortunately these were the kind of chairs that are connected by a metal bar just about shin height. Of course the mother hit the bar and fell over. She wasn't badly hurt, just a little bruised. But of course my friend had no way of knowing that.
Yet she just started laughing and couldn't stop. And still today, years later, she
laughs about it so hard that tears come to her eyes. Actually I am laughing now just retelling the story and I wasn't even there to see it.

The fact is that this woman is a very compassionate person who would never do anything to hurt anyone. She just thinks it is funny when people fall down, I guess.

And haven't you had that kind of experience, too? I have.

Unfortunately, I have no wise words about this one. I just know that slinky quote tickled me and so did my friend's two stories. I wonder which of you are laughing at what I just wrote? Hmmm....

Even if nobody falls on their face in front of you, I hope something tickles you today. I hope you enjoy some laughs.



  1. I was a Dunkin Donuts once with a friend talking outside and a heavy woman came out with a tray full of coffee and donuts and didn't see the cement berm, fell over that and went almost head-first into a parked car, the coffee and donuts went flying and she was laying half on the car, half on the ground! We knew she was hurt and we were trying so hard not to laugh. I was very kind to her and she kept saying, don't call the ambulance. A man already had. When she saw the ambulance, she said, who owns this parking lot. Then I did laugh and not sure why. Every time we speak of it, we laugh.

  2. Life isn't worth a thing if you can't laugh--no matter how bad things get--you've got to be able to laugh!

  3. Someone left that anonymous comment and didn't sign your name. You can leave your name in the comment box and then click on as an anonymous person. But who was that????? Suz.


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