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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Morning Folks December 30, 2009

Morning Folks. Two more days until 2009 is history. And it was quite a year for most of us. I have had numerous requests to post my blog more frequently in the new year, and I will make a serious effort to do so.

Today's blog, probably the last one in the decade, features the annual Eaton Santa Count, a tradition these last 3  years, during which the grandkids, and the odd adult, count the Santas that I put around the house at Christmas. For those of you unfamiliar with the game, I make up forms listing every room in the house and the kids have to count the Santas in each room and then come up with a total at the end. There are also extra credit points available.

We didn't have a chance to see the kids on Christmas Day, so we had our celebration the Monday after Christmas.

This year, Indigo, the 4 year old, participated for the first time, and although her Dad helped her write down her numbers and add them up at the end, she counted every Santa herself.

Older sister Arabella, 8, has won for the past two years in a row.
Oldest Bro, Zeppelin, 10,
has come close to winning, but was edged out by a hair each time.
Here is a collage of some of the Santas they had to count this year.

And here is a link to a slideshow I posted on Picasa which will let you see a closer look at the Santas and find out who the winner was this year.

Have a great day and Happy New Year! And don't forget your New Year Rabbits!



  1. Hi Suzie-q! Great slideshow. Hard to believe 2010 is only moments away. Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy, joyous New Year! Lv, Andrea

  2. great blog. I need to redo mine to have a new look. Have a wonderful New Year! Kathy

  3. Suzanne - This is an amazing collection. Must be so fun to pull it out every year, and add to it! Cheryl


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