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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Morning Folks January 6, 2010

Morning Folks. It's Epiphany, January 6. I deliberately left the candles in the windows, a few poinsettias here and there and the tree still remains until tomorrow, when hopefully, I will get to work returning the rest of the decorations to their bins in the basement.

Ed and I put away everything else yesterday.  It took us about 3 hours working non-stop. I am so glad he was there to help. It's like doing a giant jigsaw puzzle to get things back in the bins the way they were before we took them out. And, there are always a few new things for which we need to find room.

Gone are all 78 Santas and the little village, the snowmen and the reindeer all wrapped in paper and stashed away until next year. But, it's worth all the work. The house looked really pretty and I will miss the bright and cheery and, yes, merry, atmosphere that the lights and all the Santas and friends all created.

So, now begins that period between Christmas and the end of winter, that sort of boring non-season when nothing too exciting happens except for a couple of lesser holidays when car dealers use George Washington to sell cars and Whitman's samplers and heartshaped boxes of chocolates finally foil any New Years Resolutuons that might actually still be around in mid-February. There is that certain ennui that settles in right after MLK Day and continues on through that somber Lenten season we Christians "enjoy" right up until Easter when we finally waken with the coming of spring.

Until then, I have decided that the little tree I have on the front stoop, covered in white sparkling lights and pine cones and berries will remain on display. And, as we begin to drag ourselves into January and beyond, the lights on the little Christmas tree on our stoop will brighten the bleak midwinter night just a little bit.

 Oh, and I think I will leave the mistletoe up for a while, too.

After all, you never know who I might find standing underneath it!

Have a great day.

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