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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Morning Folks November 1, 2009


I never know how much to buy for Halloween each year.

Running out of candy has been my biggest fear.

Who knows how many goblins will be coming to the door

There could be ten or seventeen, or a hundred sixty four.

So I choose it carefully, the kind I always love-

M & Ms and Hershey’s Bars or anything by Dove-

Hoping that there’d be some left for us to munch upon,

But we are both on diets now and so those days are gone.

This year I just bought Gummy Bears, Bubble Gum and Nerds.

Candy that I’ve always thought was strictly for the birds.

My logic was if some was left I wouldn’t spoil my diet.

But here I sit with basketsful asking “Why’d I buy it”?

Had I known there’d be so few, a count of twenty-nine,

Forget the nerds and Gummy Bears, I should have passed out wine!

How did you do last night? Any good little goblin costumes come to your door? We had very few but they were cute. Not as cute as these guys were in the 80s. Cindy made great costumes for Angie. I am waiting to see this year's pix of her grandkids. She was making Natalie a Princess Costume, but I don't remember what Will's was. My kids usually created their own look and recycled a lot. I made them pirates costumes one year, and actually sewed them. Parts of those costumes were used over and over. In this photo, Bill is some kind of ghoul, using a fake beard from a previous year as a wig. Torn up sheets and makeup finish off the look for both. I think they were about 9 and 10 in this shot.

 Enjoy your day and don't go pillaging in the kids' bags!


PS. By the way, did you remember to say:

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  1. very cute!!!! I did say my rabbits, but then remembered I said "Hi" to a birdy on my skylight first. does that matter? I hope not.


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