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Sunday, August 09, 2009

Morning Folks August 9, 2009

Here are the first photos, hot off the press, courtesy sister-in-law Kathy.

Kim's Dad, Bill Sylva looks proud as can be. She is absolutely glowing. (Click on it to get a close look at that gown.)

Her gown was absolutely gorgeous. And her veil was so pretty, with sparkles and pearls. (click for closeup). She was the most beautiful bride and he the most handsome of grooms. Those comment are completely objective, by the way.

Bill's friend, Ran Chase, who is also 2 of his close friends' father, assisted Father Burke in the ceremony. Father Burke baptized Kim when she was a baby and married her parents 32 years ago. Ran Chase gave a wonderful homily.

I think his knees were shaking a little bit. But, only Ed and I noticed. It was such a wonderful moment. I was just so happy for them both. I didn't even shed a tear. I think I got them all out when I was making that video.
I will soon post more pix with the handsome best man included as well!

For now, this is all I have. Have a great day.

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