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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Morning Folks August 1, 2009

Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit! And welcome August, month of my birth and of so many other fellow Leos who I know and love.

I owe you all so many blogs. I truly thought there would be an abundance of postings this summer, but I find the Cape to be as distracting as it is inspiring.

I sit out under the awning of our trailer, listening to the trees dripping from last night's downpours, little isolated taps followed by a drumroll of drops when the oak branches above twist in the early morning breeze, casting the water about like a dog after a swim.

Looking around I see the flowers I have blooming around me, this year for the first time planted in the ground, not just pots, since I was here so early in the season. And I see the hostas with their stems clipped off, just for fun, I guess, by the cute, but not so innocent chipmunks we see skittering over the deck.

The fuscia hanging nearby reminds me of the two occasions when hummingbirds visited. Not many sightings compared to those on my back deck at home in Tennessee, but certainly as exciting in their rarity.

The birdfeeders I put up this year were maybe the most distracting in the early morning hours when I usually do my writing. Out here alone with only their calls and songs and little else, I am too intent on listening to them than I am to the muse in my head. The bluejays are bluer here and the gold finches seem brighter, especially on the feeder I have attached to the window by the sink.

They peak in at me and I have to be careful not to startle them when I am making the coffee each morning.

The birds here at the campsite are not exotic, but just the birds I grew up with and find comforting to have around me. I am even becoming more tolerant of the crows and the squirrels that seem to enjoy the feeder I fill just for them in an attempt to keep them away from the other feeders. Although they ate the 2 dozen marigolds I planted at the beginning of June, I still allow them in the yard, not that I have much say about it.

There is a vase containing 3 pink hydrangaes on the table over there, still pretty fresh even after a week. They are from the tables at Alison-Jane and Scott's wedding last weekend, a weekend of events beginning with a family dinner where we met

Scott's family

and shared dinner and conversation along with Ed's family.

AJ is Ed's niece, and mine, too, actually! She made a beautiful bride and it was a beautiful weekend of making new friends, girl talk and laughter at the shower, the rehearsal dinner, the morning after breakfast all wonderful relaxed family events that set the tone for the whole weekend. Of course the wedding itself was the highlight and very special. You can find lots of wedding photos on Kathys blog. There is a link to the right.
Congratulations to AJ and Scott, now married one week!

And next to the vase of wedding flowers, I see the best deal I ever got at a consignment shop.

My little green rocking chair. I spotted it across the street from the laundromat in Dennisport one day when I was waiting for the last load to dry. It said $30 on the sticker, but she took off $10, when a bit of the paint peeled off with the pricetag.

I think next year I will put a pot of blue hydrangea on it. Can't you just picture that?

And beyond that, more bargains, two new lounge chairs Ed got yesterday at the garage sale across the street from us. He got some tools, some golf clubs and I got some corning ware. A very fruitful morning.

We'll use the chaises for a couple of weeks and when we go home we will donate them to Bill and Kim's new deck at their lovely new home in Westford. How exciting for them.

Like I said, there were distractions, pleasant ones, during the past couple of months here on the Cape. And as I begin to prepare myself for the upcoming wedding of my son Bill and his bride, Kim, this Friday, you all know where my heart and my head will be. When I come up for air, you will hear from me again. Meanwhile, life is really good and I hope it is for you as well.

Have a wonderful month and enjoy whatever it holds in store for y'all.

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  1. I guess those squirrels and scavengers have to eat too don't they? very pretty blog and kudos on the bahgains!!! can't wait till the wedding. it'll be a blast. I tried calling Bill last wed. but it was trivia night and never heard from him again. he must be all a flutter. see you soon.
    love, beck


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