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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Morning Folks 2-16-08

How was your Valentine's Day?

Ed and I had a nice Valentine's Day. He was very generous and practical and romantic, just the way I like him to be.

He gave me lovely pink roses and a new gas grill, which I had asked for. No chocolates as I gave chocolate up for Lent. (What was I thinking?)

I gave Ed a new pair of shoes that he wanted and bought us some nice filet mignon kabobs, already assembled, which he grilled on our new grill, that was not already assembled. We ate about 9 PM I think. But we had a nice dinner just the two of us.

He also gave me these Valentines Monkeys. I don't know why Monkeys. Maybe the Monkeying around thing was why they chose to use Monkeys for this. (And shouldn't it really be Monk-IES?) Anyway, take a look at the music video I posted below. I am thinking it is more of a VH-1 type video, rather than MTV. But do take a look.

Have a great Weekend.

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