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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Morning Folks 02 09 08

Morning Folks. My Aunt Marianne sent me a cute little story, which I will paraphrase here to share with you.

A young woman was going through some very difficult times in her life. Desperate and tired of the battle, she went to her mother.

Her mother took 3 pots from her cupboard and filled them with water.

In one she placed some carrots.

In the second one she placed an egg.

And in the third one, she poured in ground coffee beans.

She set them on the stove and brought them all to a boil.

She sat quietly for about 20 minutes, and didn't say a word. Then, she told her daughter to come over to the stove with her and to look in the pots and tell her what she saw. She saw that the carrots were soft. She told her daughter to break open the egg and she found that it was hard boiled. Then she went to the last pot and asked her daughter to take a sip, and she smiled as she tasted it and smelled the rich aroma.

Her mother went on to explain that like these three items in boiling water, everyone reacts differently to life's pain and adversity. The carrots, once strong and hard, became weak and soft. The egg, once fragile, its outer shell protecting its liquid center, had become hardened on the inside. But the coffee beans...they had changed the water.

So, the question for us all is which are we?

I suppose that there are times when I have been a carrot, although I am not a veggie fan as many of you know. Sometimes we do just wilt under the trials of life. But, I hope I never become hardened, like the egg. There are times when we all have to appear strong, but I hope there is always some softness at my center.

We all would like to hope we will be like the coffee, and I think we probably all are to some degree. I must add that although most would consider me "full bodied"

there are times when I have been weak decaf.

Still, it's better than a carrot.

There are some metaphors that come to mind in this coffee theme. For example, from my observations, some of us are Chock full O' Nuts, but in a good way. Some of us are bold and some of us are mild.
Some of us are original blends. And how lucky for those of you who are rich.
And all of us menopausal types are definitely roasted.

I hope none of us are Kopi Luwak, which are beans that are ingested by the civet cat, pooped out and then gathered up by the locals. I have heard the expression 'when life gives lemons, make lemonade' but 'when life gives you poop ,make coffee' is a new one.

Enough with that. I know none of you are just your average Joes. And whatever type you are, I know when times get tough and trouble's brewing, we all have what we need to change the water.

Come up with your own metaphors and share by posting a comment. Have a great day!


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