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Monday, February 11, 2008

Morning Folks 02 11 08

It's Oscar time!

Not that Oscar...

This one.

Some films missed the December 31st deadline this year and will have to wait until next year to be included in the nominations. Others, usually independent films just never get the hype that the big blockbuster commercial films get. Documentaries, especially, seem to be ignored and if mentioned, are difficult to find at theaters. And that's a shame because Indie films often turn out to be my favorites.Today's blog features one of those Independent documentary films that both missed the deadline and the hype, but it deserves a look.

In an earlier blog I told you I would post the video of my Dad that I took in January when I was visiting him in Florida. You might remember his spot on the blog was bumped by his newest great granddaughter's debut.

In case some of you haven't seen him in a while, he looks pretty much the same as he always has to me. We celebrated his 80th last year and he is still as handsome as ever.

Although this is a documentary, the next time I think we might try to script it a little better, or at least discuss content. And I don't know how to edit, either. Subtitles are shown below the video, in case you miss some of the riveting dialogue.
Now playing at select theaters, here's the Internet debut of

Solitaire in Naples

(click on the right arrow to begin video)


Suz- Here's Dad at his computer. Maybe he's picking jokes for the day. Maybe he's playing solitaire.

Dad-I'm playing solitaire.

Suz- Say hello.


Suz-To the camera.

Dad-Now that I am finished with this solitaire... (he turns)

Suz-Would you like to be on my blog?


Suz-Oh. We'll see what we can do.

Dad-I'll probably have to sign autographs and everything.

Suz-I think that would be good. Alright, let's see if it works.

Have an award winning day!

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