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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Morning Folks May 1, 2007

Well, I remembered to do my rabbits, did you guys? The only reason I remembered was because Ed reminded me. Not quite married a year and I have him trained already. Pretty good, huh!

Since last I posted a blog I have been to Florida and Massachusetts and our grandson Zeppelin had his first communion . I had a wonderful visit with friends and family, and got back on Friday after a little trouble getting home. And I was going to remind you about rabbits on a post yesterday, but my beloved ran over the cable with his ride-on lawnmower. (It wasn't really his fault. The thing was sticking up out of the ground and was hidden under grass.) So, no Internet and no cable TV for almost 24 hours. Yikes! The repairman just left, and thank goodness because American Idol is on tonight! I will get pictures of my travels on the blog at a later date. But Today I did something I have never done before and I had to write about it.

I played golf.

Ed started golfing last week for the first time and has been several times already and is loving it. This morning, he and his friend Ray took me to a small golf course, to which Ray belongs. Much to my surprise, I had a lot of fun. I need a nap, though, as it was a little stressful and I swung more than anyone. I also had to walk a lot as I zigzagged up the fairway.

But I had fun only because of Ed's and Ray's patience and encouragement. Otherwise I would have been mortified.

This little course is a good place to learn. It is called Lupton City Golf Club and I read it was first opened in 1948. It is not a PGA rated course, but has 9 regulation holes. There was no pressure from any crowds and it is quiet and most weekdays.

"The course is a little slow today."

It is a little hilly, as are a lot of places in Chattanooga, but it was good exercise and Ray's wife plays so soon we will go out as a foursome.

I admit I did have a little trouble hitting the ball. The driver is a big fat club but it wasn't easy to connect club to ball.
Somehow it seemed like the ball was moving, tee and all. There were many times when I missed hitting it completely, either whiffing or hitting the ground instead. Ed and Ray didn't count those, though. Wasn't that nice of them?

My goal today was to get on the green in par. Then I could 3 putt and Ray would give me a point. I think I got one point the whole time. I made the green in par on 3 of the holes, in fact one of them I got on the green in two. But then I 5 putted it! I had some good putts, too, though. Ray and Ed were very encouraging but truly, I golf like I bowl... Gutter balls and a strike here and there.

But the nice thing is that Ed and I are both learning at the same time. We have been looking for some activity that we can both enjoy doing together and who knows, this might be it! We are going again on Thursday. I will let you know if I still like it when I get back!

Yes, I am happy the Comcast guy came so I can watch American Idol tonight. Come to think of it, isn't there a golf channel? Hmmm...

Have a great day.



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  1. Suz - that was great!!!!

    Hope all is well...

    --Adam Watson


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