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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Morning Folks 05 14 07

Hope you all had a good weekend and especially a good Mother's Day. I heard from all 4 of my sons. I wish I could have seen them all, too, but not this year. Ed made me a really great breakfast and gave me a bag of golf tees and the Dream Girls dvd that I was asking for. Then we went to John and Robin's for a cook-out. They gave me a lavender colored calla lilly which I will plant in the yard. John cooked and we had a real nice visit.

I was able to get a few pictures of the kids, although it isn't easy with them on the go all the time.

They are getting so big. Zeppelin is 8 now. Just about done with second grade.

They don't stay put for long periods of time, especially little Indigo.

Grampa took this one, but Indigo decided she had already said "cheese" too many times. She says it before we are ready and 'poof' the moment is gone!

She's concentrating on the stairs.

I think the grass was tickling her feet. Always on the go.

Arabella likes to strike poses. This one is Sleeping Beauty.

This is like the Andrew Wyeth painting: "Arabella's World"

I love this one: Supermodel. She is so pretty and a real love.

And Arabella gets a smile out of Indigo...finally!

We had a great day Sunday. I hope you have a wonderful Monday. We are going golfing. I have new tees!


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