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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Morning Folks 05 06 07

Let's talk about dates for a minute.

(not that kind)

And not this kind, either.

Did you see today's date? 05/06/07. I thought that was worth noticing.

I like it when the numbers line up like that on the calendar. If you lived in the UK today would be 06 05 07. They have another month and a day to wait until it works in Jolly Olde England. I think that is very confusing and often wonder why we put the month first and other parts of the world the day. I checked it out and found that the international standard is 2007-05-06. Now that kind of ruins possibilities altogether.

And then there's time...

(not that kind of time)

(another thyme)

Did you ever glance at the clock and notice it was 10:11 or maybe 11:12? I always think that is a good omen when that happens and that good luck is coming my way, not that I am superstitious or anything. When you think about it, before digital clocks you might not have noticed that.

And if you used the international time notation of hh:mm:ss it would be 23:12.00 instead of 11:12.

Actually we could have been awake this morning at 2 minutes and 34 seconds past 1 and that would have been 1:02:34 05 06 07. Talk about a good omen! I was sleeping so I missed it. I hope someone saw it!

Enjoy your day everyone. Hope you glance at the clock at just the right time today. You still have a chance this afternoon at 1:02:34!




  1. I missed it too, but love all your comments on time. Cheerio, Andrea

  2. Aw, you just like numbers. I like it when my grocery bill total is an interesting number. Like $22.22 or $12.34.


  3. Since you seem to have time on your hands, as well as on your mind, consider other possibilities. True, 12:34 05/06/07 will never come again, at least not until 3007. But we can look forward to 12:11:10 09/08/07 just after Labor Day. And it will happen twice.


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